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First Time Nominees
Written by Yussuf J. Simmonds (Managing Editor) 18 March 2010
 Gabourey Sidibe on the red carpetSidibe as PreciousJennifer Hudson, the DreamgirlOprah Winfrey in the Color PurpleWhoopi Goldberg in the Color PurpleDiana Ross in Lady Sings the BluesFirst Time Nominees"Ladies ... read more >>
Legend: Myrlie Evers-Williams
Written by Super User 14 March 2010
Myrlie Evers-WilliamsA Display of Grace Under PressureAt Medgar Evers' funeral3 Women of Distinction: Dr. Betty Shabazz, Coretta Scott King, Myrlie Evers-WilliamsLegendsby Yussuf J. SimmondsMyrlie Evers-Williams'The ... read more >>
Harriet Tubman
Written by Super User 05 March 2010
Harriet TubmanThe "Underground Railroad"Slaves on the runLEGENDSBy Yussuf J. Simmonds HARRIET TUBMAN"Called the Black Moses, she moved slaves through the Underground Railroad"I'll meet you in the morningSafe ... read more >>
Henri Christophe
Written by Yussuf J. Simmonds (Managing Editor) 18 February 2010
General Henri ChristopheKing ChristopheThe CitadelIn Memory of the KingLegendsBy Yussuf J. SimmondsHENRI CHRISTOPHE"One of the architects of the Haitian Revolution"Henri Christophe (pronounced "Or-ree/Ah-ree ... read more >>
Jean Jacques Dessalines
Written by Yussuf J. Simmonds (Managing Editor) 11 February 2010
Jean Jacques DessalinesEmperor DessalinesIn Memory of DessalinesLegendsBy Yussuf J. SimmondsJean Jacques Dessalines"One of the triumvirate that ran the French out of Haiti"After the Haitians defeated the ... read more >>
Toussaint L’Ouverture
Written by Yussuf J. Simmonds (Managing Editor) 05 February 2010
 Toussaint L’Ouverture  In honor of the current events in Haiti, "Legends" will carry the stories of the men who fought the French and won its independence at the end of the 18th century--beginning ... read more >>
Dr. Mark Dean
Written by Yussuf J. Simmonds (Managing Editor) 14 January 2010
LegendsDR. MARK DEANDr. Dean, the ScholarDr. Dean, IBM's Man Dr. Mark Dean "The dean of Black Inventors referred to as America's high-tech Invisible Man" In the book, Invisible Man, the main character ... read more >>
Cabinet Members of the Past
Written by Yussuf J. Simmonds (Managing Editor) 10 December 2009
Robert C. Weaver (HUD)                                       Patricia R. Harris (HUD, ... read more >>
Eartha Kitt
Written by Yussuf J. Simmonds 02 December 2009
Miss Eartha KittThe Sultry KittThe Tantalizing KittThe Magnificent Kitt Legends  By Yussuf J. SimmondsEartha Kitt“Though small in physical stature, she was a giant in the entertainment community ... read more >>
Ella Fitzgerald
Written by Yussuf J. Simmonds 26 November 2009
 Ella, the GreatThe First Lady of SongElla in ConcertVintage Ella Legends By Yussuf J. Simmonds  Ella Fitzgerald “The first lady of jazz and song, who played with the best in the business”Born ... read more >>
Charles Rangel
Written by Yussuf J. Simmonds (Managing Editor) 19 November 2009
Representative Charles RangelChairman RangelThe Gang of Four (L to R – Dinkins, Paterson, Sutton, Rangel)                                                                          LegendsBy ... read more >>
Theodore "Ted" Watkins & WLCAC
Written by Yussuf J. Simmonds (Managing Editor) 12 November 2009
Ted WatkinsWatkins speaking to the peopleAt WLCAC center in 1967  LegendsBy Yussuf J. SimmondsSentinel Managing Editor Theodore "Ted" Watkins & WLCAC"He Really Put Watts on the Map"In 1981, the ... read more >>
Dr. James M. Rosser
Written by Yussuf J Simmonds (Managing Editor) 05 November 2009
LEGENDSDr. James M. RosserDr. James RosserAn Engaging Dr. Rosser The New Campus Look By Yussuf J. Simmonds Sentinel Managing Editor"He continues to serve as the president of Cal-State L.A. after 30 years"When ... read more >>
The Commissioners
Written by Yussuf J. Simmonds (Managing Editor) 28 October 2009
Charles MatthewsDr. John A. SomervilleEverette M. PorterElbert T. HudsonMarguerite P. JusticeSamuel L. WilliamsMelanie LomaxDavid S. Cunningham IIIJohn W. Mack LegendsBy Yussuf J. SimmondsThe Commissioners“They ... read more >>
Black Women on LAUSD Board
Written by Yussuf Simmonds, (Managing Editor) 22 October 2009
Diane WatsonRita WaltersMarguerite Poindexter LaMotteBarbara BoudreauxBlack Women on LAUSD BoardLegendsBy Yussuf J. Simmonds“They answered the call to serve the children of Los Angeles Schools”                                                                                             ... read more >>
Diana Ross
Written by Yussuf J. Simmonds (Managing Editor) 08 October 2009
Diana Ross Diana Ross and the Supremes Diana Ross, the DivaDiana Ross as Billie HolidayDiana Ross as Mahogany LegendsBy Yussuf J. SimmondsDIANA ROSS“Without her, there would not have been ... read more >>
Tuskegee Airmen (continued)
Written by Yussuf J. Simmonds 01 October 2009
Flight School GraduatesLegendsBy Yussuf J. Simmonds  Tuskegee Airmen (continued) "They allowed Black military men to fly the friendly skies with honor"  SOME OF THE NAMED AIRMEN When ... read more >>
Cardinal Francis Arinze
Written by Yussuf J. Simmonds (Managing Editor) 23 September 2009
Arinze, the CardinalArinze, the ScholarArinze, the LecturerArinze in his cardinal's regaliaArinze's birthplace LegendsBy Yussuf J. Simmonds CARDINAL FRANCIS ARINZE "Born in Nigeria and was in ... read more >>
Legend: Arthur Ashe
Written by Yussuf J. Simmonds (Assistant Managing Editor) 10 September 2009
Arthur Ashe at WimbledonAshe in ActionThe Ashe Family (Camera, Arthur and Jeanne)Ashe on the courtAshe with Nelson Mandela LegendsARTHUR ASHE"His toughest challenge was not on the tennis court but in ... read more >>
Sidney Poitier
Written by Yussuf J. Simmonds 27 August 2009
Sidney PoitierMr. & Mrs. Poitier (Joanna Shimkus Poitier & Sidney Poitier)The elegant Sidney PoitierPresident Barack Obama and Sidney PoitierSIDNEY POITIER"The first Black man to win an Academy ... read more >>
African Slave Castles
Written by Yussuf J. Simmonds (Assistant Managing Editor) 27 August 2009
Cape Coast Castle, GhanaDown Inside the Slave CastlePacked Like Sardines in a CanIn the DungeonsThe West Coast of AfricaAFRICA'S SLAVE CASTLES"They were the last place a slave would 'reside' before going ... read more >>

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Donna Brazile
Written by Yussuf Simmonds (Managing Editor) 13 August 2009
Donna BrazileBrazile takes chargeBrazile's MemoirsBrazile at workLegendsBy Yussuf J. SimmondsAssistant Managing Editor DONNA BRAZILE"The first African American woman to become campaign manager of a major ... read more >>
Gordon Parks
Written by Yussuf Simmonds (Managing Editor) 06 August 2009
Gordon Parks Parks with Minister Malcolm X, & N.Y. Borough President Hulan Jack (Seated); and Dick Gregory (at microphone)A Parks Masterpiece LegendsBy Yussuf J. SimmondsAssistant Managing Editor GORDON ... read more >>
Sammy Davis Jr.
Written by Yussuf Simmonds (Managing Editor) 30 July 2009
Vintage Sammy Davis Jr.Cool Sammy Davis Jr. Sammy and Altovise SAMMY DAVIS, JR."He acted on stage and screen; he was a singer, dancer, author, comedian, impressionist and musician: Mr. Bojangles"He was ... read more >>
Pullman Porters
Written by Yussuf Simmonds (Managing Editor) 23 July 2009
A. Philip RandolphRandolph - Black Heritage StampRandolph at the March-on-WashingtonLegendsBy Yussuf J. SimmondsPullman Porters"A Philip Randolph and the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters"At the dawn ... read more >>

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