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Obama: The Man and His Politics
Written by Yussuf Simmonds (Managing Editor) 04 October 2007
Barack Obama may be the junior senator from Illinois, but in thepresidential campaign polls, his progressive position on relevantissues seems to be resonating with the voters across the country. Senator ... read more >>
On The Road to Freedom
Written by Evan Barnes (Sports Editor) 27 September 2007
As I stepped on the bus waiting to leave the Sentinel offices, I thought about the scene I had just witnessed.I saw hundreds of people of all ages coming together to make a statement against the treatment ... read more >>
Young Black Americans Ignite Black Power in Jena
Written by Evan Barnes (Sports Editor) 27 September 2007
Baisden, Jackson, Sharpton Lead New Civil Rights Movement Jena, LA - The national Civil Rights Movement took on a bold new shape; a fresh new face far removed from the movement of the mid 1960s but ... read more >>
O.J. Squeezed in Las Vegas
Written by Kenneth Miller ASSISTANT MANAGING EDITOR 20 September 2007
From his days as a shifting running back where his legs carried him to the coveted Heisman Trophy at USC, to his record breaking runs in piles of snow on the field for the Buffalo Bills in the National ... read more >>
L.A. Demands Justice for "Jena 6"
Written by Kenneth Miller ASSISTANT MANAGING EDITOR 20 September 2007
By Kenneth MillerSentinel Managing EditorBy Evan BarnesSentinel Staff Writer POWER OF PRAYER:  Dr.  Rev.  Frederick O.  Murph leads more than three hundred supporters ... read more >>
Racism Deep-Rooted in 'Jena 6' Tragedy
Written by Evan Barnes (Sports Editor) 05 September 2007
THE ROOT OF IT ALL: This is allegedly the “white tree” outside Jena High School where three nooses hung after a Black student sat underneath it in September 2006. The tree has since been cut down. As ... read more >>
Augustus Hawkins Oldest Living Congressman / Political Legend Turns 100
Written by Sentinel Staff Writer 29 August 2007
Augustus “Gus” Freeman Hawkins was born August 31, 1907 to Nyanza and Hattie Hawkins in Shreveport Louisiana. Nyanza Hawkins, a pharmacist, was the son of a British explorer who traveled ... read more >>
New Orleans: Two Years Later
Written by Christine Sabathia 29 August 2007
Two years... 24 months... 730 days, whichever way you want to count, a second “anniversary” has passed since Hurricane Katrina forever changed the lives of New Orleans’ 400,000 residents. ... read more >>
Mandela Receives Award
Written by Yussuf Simmonds (Managing Editor) 15 August 2007
Dr. Maki Mandela, the eldest daughter of former South African President Nelson Mandela visited Los Angeles where she received the first international businesswoman of the year award from Women Working ... read more >>
NAACP Sues 11 Mortgage Lenders, Alleging Discrimination
Written by Jennifer English, CNS 19 July 2007
CNS—The NAACP has filed suit in Los Angeles against 11 mortgage lenders, including Ameriquest, Washington Mutual and Citigroup, accusing them of offering Black borrowers subprime loans with worse ... read more >>
Foucher Appointed Top Executive in New Orleans
Written by Brian W. Carter (Staff Writer) 19 July 2007
New Orleans native Noel Foucher, who is currently vice-president and one of only four members of the Bakewell Company’s executive management team, has been appointed by the company’s founder ... read more >>
Ex-Mayor in New Jersey Charged with Corruption
Written by Janet Frankston Lorin, Associated Press 19 July 2007
AP - Former Newark Mayor Sharpe James was indicted July 12 on corruption charges involving land sales and allegations that he spent extravagantly on himself and several women using city-issued credit ... read more >>
Obama Leads in Fundraising
Written by Yussuf Simmonds (Managing Editor) 05 July 2007
Senator Barack Obama may be the junior senator from Illinois but in fundraising department, he’s a senior and he’s at the head of the ‘class.’ According to his financial statement, ... read more >>
Young Student Nears End of Record Flight
Written by John Porretto, (Associated Press) 27 June 2007
AP—Two stops before completing a journey that would make him the youngest person to fly solo around the Earth, Barrington Irving glided into Houston on June 23 with a message for the roughly 50 students ... read more >>
TV One Premieres One-Hour Interview With Barack Obama
Written by Sentinel Staff Writer 27 June 2007
Democratic Presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) sits down with TV One commentator Roland Martin to discuss a wide range of issues of interest to African Americans Monday, July 2 at 7 PM Pacific, ... read more >>
Sex Offenders Younger, More Violent, Study Says
Written by Associated Press 20 June 2007
AP—Courts have seen the number of sex offense cases involving juvenile offenders rise dramatically in recent years, an Associated Press review of national statistics found, and treatment professionals ... read more >>
Last Minute Appeal in Teen Sex Case Sparks Outrage
Written by Associated Press 13 June 2007
Jubilation turned to anger Monday after Georgia’s top prosecutor vowed he would fight a judge’s order that would have set free Genarlow Wilson, a Georgia man serving a 10-year prison sentence ... read more >>
Congressman Indicted on 16 Counts
Written by Yussuf Simmonds (Managing Editor) 06 June 2007
Representative William J. Jefferson, the ninth term congressman from Louisiana’s Second Congressional District, was indicted on 16 counts of bribery and corruption-related charges following a two-year ... read more >>
Yolanda King Dies
Written by Yussuf Simmonds (Managing Editor) 16 May 2007
The sudden and untimely passing of Yolanda King, sent shock waves throughout the entire country. She was the eldest child of the most revered human beings in America, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the ... read more >>
New Prison Reform Bill Falls Short on Rehabilitation
Written by Sentinel Staff Writer 03 May 2007
Despite its claims of improvement on rehabilitation, the prison reform bill passed by the state legislature April 26 fails to address key issues that have been highlighted by AFSCME Local 2620, which ... read more >>
Don Imus' Sidekick-Producer Also Fired Over Remarks
Written by Larry McShane (AP) 25 April 2007
AP - The longtime producer for Don Imus' syndicated radio show joined his boss on the unemployment line one week after the disgraced broadcaster was booted from the airwaves for racist and sexist ... read more >>
A New Era of Black Political Leaders
Written by Steve LeBlanc (AP) 25 April 2007
AP--Early in Deval Patrick's run for governor, when few Massachusetts voters had heard of the maverick candidate with the odd first name, U.S. Sen. Barack Obama stopped by Cambridge for a class ... read more >>
Congresswoman Millender McDonald Dies
Written by Yussuf Simmonds (Managing Editor) 23 April 2007
Congresswoman Juanita Millender McDonald died on Sunday after taking a leave of absence from her congressional duties to look after her failing health and to spend some quality time with her family.  ... read more >>
Black Student Among 33 Dead at Virginia Tech Massacre
Written by Evan Barnes 18 April 2007
As reactions grow and more information is uncovered from the Virginia Tech massacre on Monday, the names of the 33 victims who were killed are slowly being released to the public. One of the first victims ... read more >>
Nagin: 'Tragedy is Still Not Over'
Written by Hazel Trice Edney, (NNPA) 22 March 2007
NNPA--New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, declaring "the tragedy is still not over",has called on Black newspaper publishers to use the Hurricane Katrina disasterto expose racial motives in the slow ... read more >>



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