How Loyal is the Loyal Opposition
Written by Eric L. Wattree Sr. (Columnist) 26 March 2009
From this point on I pledge to stop using the terms "conservative" and "Republican" interchangeably. I'm beginning to realize there's a big difference between the two. ... read more >>
An Unmarried Woman
Written by Alfonzo Tucker (Columnist) 26 March 2009
Hello world, another week has passed and again I have the pleasure to be seated in my favorite leopard upholstered chair writing to all of you. Thank you for giving yourself a moment to share my thoughts ... read more >>
A.I.G. Bonuses: Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Game
Written by Jasmyne A. Cannick (Columnist) 26 March 2009
I watched this week as the nation’s furor turned towards employees of insurance giant American International Group (A.I.G.) and the $165 million in retention bonus payments recently doled out to ... read more >>
The GOP: A 'Rush' to Obscurity
Written by Eric L. Wattree Sr. (Columnist) 19 March 2009
Those of us who pointed out that Michael Steele was elevated to Chairman of the Republican National Committee as both a token, and as attack-dog-in-chief against President Obama should feel completely ... read more >>
Stop Hiding!
Written by Alfonzo Tucker (Columnist) 19 March 2009
Hello world, in most cases the title to this article tells the whole picture. I'll explain using myself as an example; I woke up last Wednesday with only my left eye open thinking to myself, if ... read more >>
Rather than Wall Street, Why Not Bail Out a Generation?
Written by Rev. Jesse Jackson (Columnist) 19 March 2009
AIG, the world's largest insurance company of which we--US taxpayers--now own 80%, has consumed nearly $170 billion in our dollars to bail out bad bets it made selling credit insurance to banks ... read more >>
Keeping It Real: Pettus Bridge March Anniversary
Written by Rev. Al Sharpton 19 March 2009
On Sunday March 8th, 2009, thousands gathered in Selma, Alabama to commemorate the 44th Anniversary of the March across the Edmund Pettus Bridge that resulted in the beatings of civil rights demonstrators ... read more >>
"Building Righteous Relationships: Ending Unrighteous Dealings"
Written by Dr. Maulana Karenga (Columnist) 19 March 2009
In this month of March in which so much of our interest and attention is rightfully turned toward the ways, wonder and well-being of women, it is important, even imperative, that a serious conversation ... read more >>
What You Represent
Written by Darryl James (Columnist) 19 March 2009
The only people who know what really happened between them are those two people, yet, the entire nation is spinning a multitude of tales and using each of them to represent whatever story they want ... read more >>
A Man with a Vision
Written by Malik Spellman 19 March 2009
Who is this man with a vision and why should he care for us at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to eradicating Gang Violence from the many different Community’s that have suffered from ... read more >>
"Chinafrica": Quietly Conquering a Continent
Written by Dr. Firpo W. Carr (Columnist) 19 March 2009
Critics say China’s staggering financial assistance to African countries is proving to be much more powerful and far-reaching than the Arab sword or the European gun, and by establishing official ... read more >>
Actualizing the Pre-Eminence of Education
Written by Larry Aubry (Columnist) 19 March 2009
President Barack Obama's first major speech on education called for linking teachers' pay to student performance ( merit pay), and expanding charter schools. Teachers and teacher unions are ... read more >>
Sorry Mr. President, but We've Turned too Many Pages Already
Written by Eric L. Wattree Sr. (Columnist) 12 March 2009
President Obama has suggested that we "turn the page" on Republican misdeeds and move the nation forward. The president is a good natured sort, but there is such a thing as being forgiving ... read more >>
Written by Alfonzo Tucker (Columnist) 12 March 2009
Hello world, I have a bold and interesting question to ask. What does it mean to Love? What does it mean to be in Love? What does it mean to give Love? This question stands in relation to ones feelings ... read more >>
Making Black History by Investing In The Future
Written by Esther Sliver-Parker 12 March 2009
Black History Month 2009 is now history itself, but new Black history is made every day by African Americans who are willing to share their time, talent and resources with the larger Black community. ... read more >>
The Ancestors, Tyler Perry, My Sisters, and Me
Written by Mshujaa Komoyo 12 March 2009
Part 1 of 3 We should all be thankful when real progress is made. But progress made without due regard for the wisdom and guidance willingly shared by our leaders, elders, and ancestors may prove ... read more >>
"Carrying the Shield of Oshun
Written by Dr. Maulana Karenga (Columnist) 12 March 2009
In Kawaida philosophy and practice we take African culture seriously, in the required maximum daily dose like a not-to-be-missed medicine, not only for our psychic health and wholeness, but also for ... read more >>
Top Ten Idiots
Written by Darryl James (Columnist) 12 March 2009
One would think that with all of the hype Americans pass around on the status, intelligence and alleged enlightenment of the American people, that there would be fewer blithering idiots running around ... read more >>
Preserving the American Dream
Written by Rev. Jesse Jackson (Columnist) 12 March 2009
The economic news gets ever more frightening. Manufacturing employment is now less than it has been since 1946. Unemployment is over 8% and rising rapidly. And the downturn has gone global, with much ... read more >>
Written by Malik Spellman 12 March 2009
I promised in my last article that I would share my space in the world famous Los Angeles Sentinel and give the opportunity to give real G's from behind the wall a chance to not be buried away ... read more >>
A Black Union: Moving From Conversation to Unity
Written by Larry Aubry (Columnist) 12 March 2009
The Tavis Smiley Show returned to Los Angeles recently, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the State of the Black Union. Thousands converged on the Convention Center to hear stimulating conversation ... read more >>
"Chinafrica": Slave Masters With Slanted Eyes?
Written by Dr. Firpo W. Carr (Columnist) 12 March 2009
Africa, China, & neo-colonialism (Part 1 of 3) “China has re-shackled Africa,” the man’s baritone voice, accented with a native African language, rang from the podium. “The ... read more >>
The Assassination Cartoon
Written by Eric L. Wattree Sr. (Columnist) 05 March 2009
I'm all for freedom of speech, but there are limits. Along with freedom comes responsibility, and the New York Post demonstrated the complete absence of responsibility with the publication of their ... read more >>
Optimism Anyone?
Written by Alfonzo Tucker (Columnist) 05 March 2009
Hello World, this article is for those of us who woke up this morning with the weight of misery upon our backs. Like me, many of you are experiencing the wrath of our economies downfall. I truly wish ... read more >>
Keeping It Real: Need for Civil Rights Activism and Leadership
Written by Rev. Al Sharpton 05 March 2009
The resignation of the Mayor of Los Alamitos, California was appropriate given the country's current climate and abundance of racial hatred that is permeating in the wake of the election of the ... read more >>