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Bernard Parks Victory Party Invitation
Written by Sentinel Staff Writer 03 June 2008
Rep. Waters Switches Superdelegate Vote to Sen. Obama
Written by Brian W. Carter (Staff Writer) 03 June 2008
Congresswoman Maxine Waters today joined the chorus of superdelegates who have lent their support to Senator Barack Obama, who has effectively clinched the Democratic nomination according to several ... read more >>
Rod Wright Endorsed by All Eight Democratic Mayors in 25th Senate District
Written by Jason Lewis (Sports Editor) 02 June 2008
Former Assemblyman Roderick “Rod” Wright is looking to jump back into the political arena, this time as a California State Senator for the 25th Senate District. Wright was elected to the ... read more >>
Survey says...Obama beats McCain in California!
Written by Yussuf Simmonds (Managing Editor) 29 May 2008
A recent survey reported that among California voters, Senator Barack Obama would trounce Senator John McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee in the general election in November. The Obama camp however ... read more >>
Alexis M. Herman
Written by Yussuf Simmonds (Managing Editor) 29 May 2008
 Alexis M. HermanAlexis Herman, the 23rd U.S. Secretary of Labor, was the first African American to lead that department and the lone Black woman in the Clinton cabinet. When the president announced ... read more >>
Helicopter Forced to Land after Shooting
Written by City News Service 29 May 2008
CNS - Several people were arrested by a sheriff’s SWAT team in Carson, last Thursday in connection with an incident in which shots were fired at a sheriff’s helicopter with two bullets striking ... read more >>
Another Watershed Coup for Hall
Written by Yussuf Simmonds (Managing Editor) 29 May 2008
With one week remaining until the June 3 election for the 52nd District Assembly race, Compton City Councilman Isadore Hall, III earned the powerful endorsement of Congresswoman Maxine Waters this week. ... read more >>
Five Die in Explosive Crenshaw Blvd. Accident
Written by Francis Taylor (Contributing Writer) 29 May 2008
AFTERMATH: Firefighters and police officers investigate the van that exploded on Monday at the intersection of Crenshaw Blvd. and Florence Ave., killing five and injuring several more.Memorial Day 2008 ... read more >>
Parks Gets One More Magical Push
Written by Kenneth Miller ASSISTANT MANAGING EDITOR 29 May 2008
With less than a week before election day. Councilmember Bernard Parks gets the endorsement of business leader and sports legend Earvin “Magic” Johnson in his bid for County Supervisor ... read more >>
Inglewood Shooting
Written by Jason Lewis (Sports Editor) 22 May 2008
Questions still linger in Inglewood from the Mother’s Day shooting where police officers fatally shot 19-year-old Michael Byoune, and injured Larry White and Christopher Larkins, both 19. At 1:40 ... read more >>

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Jomo Kenyatta
Written by Yussuf Simmonds (Managing Editor) 22 May 2008
Jomo Kenyatta  Looking at a map of Africa early in the 20th century, one gets the feeling that he is looking at the “states of Europe.” With exception of Liberia (founded by ex-slaves ... read more >>
Former News Exec, 35, is Picked to Lead NAACP
Written by Associated Press 22 May 2008
By Errin Haines and Ben Nuckols Associated Press The NAACP chose 35-year-old activist and former news executive Ben Jealous as its president Saturday, making him the youngest leader in the 99-year ... read more >>
‘Popular’ Thirteen-Year-Old Murdered
Written by City News Service 22 May 2008
CNS - As an investigation continued into the death of a middle school girl whose body was wrapped in a rug and dumped in a ditch east of Palmdale, the victim’s family tearfully pleaded today for ... read more >>
Parks, Cardenas Oppose Youth Tried as Adults
Written by City News Service 22 May 2008
CNS - A statewide initiative expected to be on the November ballot that would require youths as young as 14 to be tried as adults if charged with gang-related crimes was opposed by two Los Angeles City ... read more >>
Budget Cuts Worse than Anticipated
Written by City News Service 22 May 2008
CNS - State budget cuts could hurt Los Angeles County even more than previously anticipated, with home healthcare workers and immigrants taking hits, according to a report released May 15. Gov. Arnold ... read more >>
City, DWP Unveil 20-Year Water Plan
Written by Alice Walton, CNS 22 May 2008
CNS - A plan to meet the long-term water needs of Los Angeles, which is expected to use 15 percent more water by 2030, was unveiled last week by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and the Department of Water ... read more >>
Brotherhood Crusade and Juma Ventures Offer Matched Dollars
Written by Sentinel Staff Writer 22 May 2008
Underserved Youth in Los Angeles to Benefit Out of a pool of several Los Angeles based youth development agencies that applied, the Brotherhood Crusade was selected to partner with Juma Ventures in a ... read more >>
Maxine Waters
Written by Kenneth Miller ASSISTANT MANAGING EDITOR 22 May 2008
Watching and listening to Maxine Waters stand up for homeowners threatened by the foreclosure crisis reminds me how fortunate we are to be represented by her in the United States Congress. During her ... read more >>
A Life Sentence Rips at Heart of Black and Brown Dilemna
Written by Kenneth Miller ASSISTANT MANAGING EDITOR 22 May 2008
Hispanic girlfriend clings to hope for imprisoned African American boyfriend It was a wonderful time for a night out for 19-year old Hispanic Lilia Flores and her 22-year old African American boyfriend ... read more >>
Written by Jason Lewis (Sports Editor) 22 May 2008
Celebrations are in the works up and down the coast of California, and there should be a spike in marriages as a number of gay couples rush to the alter now that the California Supreme Court has struck ... read more >>
Oregon Seals the Deal
Written by Yussuf Simmonds (Managing Editor) 22 May 2008
Winning the Oregon primary placed Senator Barack Obama within striking distance of the nomination. Now it’s up to the Democratic Party to wrap up the nomination and continue on to the general ... read more >>
Huckabee quips about gun aimed at Obama
Written by Associated Press 16 May 2008
LOUISVILLE, Ky. - Republican Mike Huckabee responded to an offstage noise during his speech to the National Rifle Association by suggesting it was Barack Obama diving to the floor because someone had ... read more >>
West Basin Municipal Water District to Assist Local Businesses in Competing for Contracts
Written by Sentinel News Service 15 May 2008
West Basin Municipal Water District (“West Basin”) voted recently to encourage local businesses to compete for contracts with the agency. The idea to help local businesses was initiated ... read more >>
Marlton Square Nightmare
Written by Yussuf Simmonds (Managing Editor) 15 May 2008
From Magic Johnson Development being ready, willing and able, to Capital Vision Equity bouncing checks - now in foreclosure - Marlton Square is a hot mess with no end in sight. The Marlton Square ... read more >>
Obama Takes Super Delegate Lead
Written by Yussuf Simmonds (Managing Editor) 15 May 2008
This week as Senator Barack Obama moved ahead for the first time in the campaign, in super-delegate count, Senator Hillary Clinton scored a victory in West Virginia. However, observers say that it ... read more >>

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