The Bridge: Independence Day For Africans, Part 1
Written by Darryl James 27 June 2013
On July 4, 1776, when the United States of America gained its independence from Great Britain, Africans in America were still in slavery.  The nation talked about independence, but there was none for ... read more >>
Will Texting and the ‘Cloak of Anonymity’ Doom the English Language?
Written by Larry Buford 27 June 2013
Although the U.S. Department of Education reports that the Averaged Freshman Graduation Rate (AFGR) is the highest at 78 percent than it’s been in nearly 40 years, it should not obscure the fact that ... read more >>
Written by Larry Aubry 27 June 2013
This column, first written in 1987, is purely personal.  I share it again because it reflects a reaffirmation of family and culture that honed the values and direction of my life’s struggle to help ... read more >>
Paula Deen: Recipe for Disaster
Written by Jennifer Bihm (Contributing Writer) 27 June 2013
Written by Larry Aubry 20 June 2013
Complacency is killing us. Its counterpart, silence, is also problematic, even crippling at times.  Unfortunately, Black people, in general, and Black leadership, in particular, tend to perpetuate a ... read more >>
Maintaining the Meaning of Juneteenth: Staying Focused on Freedom
Written by Dr. Maulana Karenga 20 June 2013
The celebration of freedom is to be encouraged and applauded everywhere and all the time, and the celebration of Juneteenth, June 19th as Emancipation Day, is, of necessity, no exception. For freedom ... read more >>
Written by Alfonzo Tucker 20 June 2013
What I see within the black and white card presented to me is love. The sharp edges remind me of the difficult times. The surrounding white portion is the world, for which we are blind, and in the ... read more >>
Beyond the Rhetoric: The ‘Colored Entrance’ to White-Owned Businesses
Written by Harry C. Alford NNPA Columnist 20 June 2013
For the most part, corporate America employees are satisfied with their careers.  There is usually a chart to review in terms of responsibility.  Is the employee moving up the “ladder” and heading ... read more >>
Attack on Holder is attack on civil rights
Written by Ben Jealous 20 June 2013
 The continued political attacks aimed at U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder represent the most insidious kind of political gamesmanship. Holder is among the finest attorneys general to ever serve this ... read more >>
Understanding the Need for Full Employment
Written by William Spriggs 14 June 2013
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Written by Dr. JAWANZA KUNJUFU 14 June 2013
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Virginia's Restoration of Voting Rights: An American Issue
Written by Benjamin Todd Jealous 14 June 2013
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NSA's Spying
Written by David G. Brown 14 June 2013
Sexual Assaults
Written by David G. Brown 30 May 2013
Your Contribution
Written by Alfonzo Tucker 30 May 2013
The difficulty of parenthood is “sacrifice.” Providing house and food alone will not suffice! Do not except the local underpaid teacher to raise your child, remember your baby is one of several ... read more >>
Black Students Flock to STEM Fields, Yet Business Lobby Pushes for More Temporary Workers
Written by William Spriggs 30 May 2013
Recently, young people watched or read about President Obama speaking at Morehouse College and first lady Michelle Obama addressing the graduates of Bowie State University. Hopefully they were inspired ... read more >>
The State of Equality and Justice in America: "We are Dangerously Close to Regressing"
Written by Rev. Al Sharpton 30 May 2013
This year marks the 50th anniversary of the great "March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom". It was there, at one of the largest rallies for human rights, that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered ... read more >>
Written by Larry Aubry 30 May 2013
The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee recently sent an immigration reform bill to the full Senate for further debate and future action.  In an open letter to the Committee, the Black Immigration Network ... read more >>
African Liberation Day: Liberation Is Coming From A Black Thing
Written by Dr. Maulana Karenga 30 May 2013
When we defiantly declared on the burning battlefields of the Sixties that “liberation is coming from a Black thing”, we meant that it would come from a process and practice that Black people, ... read more >>
White House Scandal
Written by David G. Brown 24 May 2013
The Liberation Ethics of Malcolm X: Some Preliminary Notes
Written by Dr. Maulana Karenga 24 May 2013
Among the many and greatly valued gifts and good of the legacy of El Hajj Malik El Shabazz, none is more important than his role as a moral teacher and the liberation ethics that formed the core of ... read more >>
Written by Larry Aubry Larry Aubry 24 May 2013
I apologize for this belated, but no less heartfelt, annual tribute to Minister Malcolm X. His life exemplifies service as well as the need for us to constantly struggle for justice and equality.  ... read more >>
Mental Physical and Emotional Support!
Written by Alfonzo Tucker 23 May 2013
The twist in your hips commands the attention of every man within your mist. It is flattering for which you will choose me to offer sentiments. However, I am in love and my ego views your advancement ... read more >>
Child poverty is the real scandal
Written by JESSE JACKSON 23 May 2013
 Washington is descending into another silly season. Let’s end this diversion of dust and smoke as partisans hype mock “scandals” for political profit. The real scandals — like that of children ... read more >>
My Tea Party 'Taliban' Comment...What is the Lesson Here?
Written by Julian Bond Special to the Sentinel 23 May 2013
Julian Bond Sentinel File Photo I have always suspected that racists didn't like being called out for their racism. Now I have proof.  When I told MSNBC's Thomas Roberts on May 14th that the Tea ... read more >>