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health is Wealth
Written by dr. Bill Releford 27 April 2013
  Health is Wealth   The Power of Broccoli   Broccoli got its first taste of superstardom when President Bush the First famously stated, “I’m President of the United States and I’m not going ... read more >>
Mother of the Year - 2013 Contest
Written by Super User II 25 April 2013
      CONTEST HAS BEEN CLOSED   Tell us in 250 words or less why your mother should be selected as the "Los Angeles Sentinel Mother of the Year for 2013".             read more >>
30 years after report, schools remain at risk
Written by Philip Elliott, Associated Press 24 April 2013
In this Aug. 27, 1984, photo, President Ronald Reagan addresses a meeting of teachers and administrators in Washington from outstanding secondary schools across the nation. U.S. students are falling ... read more >>
Ford Motor Company is Seeking Unsung Heroes in Southern California
Written by Sentinel News Service 18 April 2013
As part of their ongoing commitment to support local communities, Ford Motor Company is kicking off their Ford Freedom Unsung Program in Southern California.  This effort is designed to honor distinguished ... read more >>
Pell Grant Changes will Slow Black Graduation Rates
Written by Maya Rhodan, NNPA Washington Correspondent 16 April 2013
      Bonita Rex (right), a Student Ambassador, passing out information about the changes to Pell eligibility rules and encouraging fellow students to sign onto the college's Save Pell web ... read more >>
Morgan State University Wins Back-to-Back Academic Championships at Honda Campus All-Star Challenge
Written by LA Sentinel News Service 10 April 2013
Morgan State University students, winners of the 24th Annual Honda Campus All-Star Challenge, pose with Honda executives at the American Honda Headquarters following the event in Torrance, Calif., April ... read more >>

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Written by Nicole Williams 09 April 2013
PRESS RELEASE     FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DATE:                        April 4, 2013  CONTACT:             Michelle Long-Coffee, Dir. PR & Advertising             ... read more >>
Written by Sentinel News Service 09 April 2013
PRESS RELEASE- FOR IMMEDIATERELEASE Date:  April 8, 2013 Contact:  Evelina Villa (562) 256-1364     NATIONAL ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER APPRECIATION WEEK CELEBRATED IN LOS ANGELES COUNTY                  ... read more >>
Health is Wealth
Written by Dr. Bill Releford 04 April 2013
Miracle Berry Juices. Fact or Hype   Known as “natural Viagra,” this berry supposedly increases sex drive and promotes weight loss. Harvested along the lush Amazon River, this wonder purportedly ... read more >>
Six Early Childhood Educators Selected as Los Angeles County Preschool Teachers of the Year
Written by Sentinel News Service 29 March 2013
Six early childhood educators have been chosen as the Los Angeles County Preschool Teacher of the Year Award winners. Selected from a large pool of nominated teachers throughout Los Angeles County, the ... read more >>
Centennial High School Marching Band Wins First Place at Pasadena’s Black History Parade Competition
Written by Sentinel News Service 26 March 2013
    Award-Winning Apaches — Compton Unified School District (CUSD) Centennial High School’s Marching Band won First Place at last month’s Black History Parade in Pasadena. Additionally, Dominguez ... read more >>
McKinley and King Elementary Schools’ African-American History Programs Highlight Civil Rights Struggle & Social Advancements
Written by Sentinel News Service 26 March 2013
          Compton Unified School District 501 South Santa Fe Avenue Compton, California 90221                                  ... read more >>
Education Chief: Schools Failing Black Students
Written by George E. Curry, NNPA Editor-in-Chief 19 March 2013
Secretary of Education Arne Duncan (AP Photo)     WASHINGTON (NNPA) – Instead of being the traditional ticket to success, many of our nation’s troubled schools hinder opportunity for upward ... read more >>
Written by Dr. Donald Henderson, M.D., M.P.H 14 March 2013
    Dr. Donald Henderson M.D., M.P.H   A COMPUTER CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE The sum of human information as to how to diagnose or treat an illness changes and expands every day. It’s impossible for ... read more >>
Health is Wealth
Written by Dr. Bill Releford 14 March 2013
Dr. Bill Releford   Just 43 percent of Americans eat at the dinner table every day – and we’re a fatter, unhealthier nation because of it.   Instead of gathering together for healthful, home-cooked ... read more >>
Written by Dr. Carliss R. McGhee 07 March 2013
CHOOSING THE RIGHT SPORT FOR YOUR CHILD Dr. Carliss R. McGhee Choosing the right sport for your child can be a challenge.  But, involving your child in the sport that suits  his or her needs can bring ... read more >>
How to Live a Longer & Happier Life: A Roadmap to Good Health Dr. Donald Henderson, M.D., M.P.H.
Written by Sentinel News Service 07 March 2013
Dr. Donald Henderson, M.D., M.P.H.   MONEY and YOUR HEALTH: TOO MUCH BAD INFORMATION     While watching television for one hour, I counted as many as 4 adds suggesting that certain products ... read more >>
Kohl's Cares Scholarship Program Accepting Nominations Until March 15th for Outstanding Young Volunteers
Written by Sentinel News Service 05 March 2013
KOHL’S CARES® SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM ACCEPTING NOMINATIONS FEBRUARY 1 – MARCH 15 FOR OUTSTANDING YOUNG VOLUNTEERS   Kohl’s is honoring more than 2,300 youth, ages six to 18, who have made a positive ... read more >>
Metro Launches Campaign to Increase Bicycle Traffic Safety
Written by Sentinel News Service 05 March 2013
      March 4, 2013Anna Chen/Marc LittmanMetro Media Relations213.922.2254/213.922.2700 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE       Metro ... read more >>
What the Health Law Means to African-Americans
Written by By George Davis, Interim State President, AARP California 04 March 2013
By George Davis, Interim State President, AARP California   Tasha Jones, a 50-year-old African-American woman from Missouri, wants to overcome the pattern of diabetes and heart disease in her family.  “I ... read more >>
Choice Group Inc: Shaping Inner-City Children into Products of Their Dreams, Not Environments.
Written by Nicole Williams 04 March 2013
   Choice Group Inc’s Founder, Dana Hammond and the kids of Choice Group. Named from top left to right: Justin Jackson, Janae Jackson, Aaron Hyde, Justin Joseph and Dijon Hyde. Bottom row: Bryda Criddell, ... read more >>
Health is Wealth: Make Love, Not Heart Disease
Written by Dr. Bill Releford 04 March 2013
       Health is Wealth     Make Love, Not Heart Disease   Want to reduce your risk of heart disease? Have sex twice a week!   Nobody wants to have a heart attack, but taking the steps ... read more >>
Scientists say baby born with HIV apparently cured
Written by Lauran Neergaard, Associated Press 04 March 2013
  This image released by the University of Mississippi Medical Center shows Dr. Hannah Gay, a pediatric HIV specialist at the University of Mississippi, Friday, March 1, 2013. A baby born with the ... read more >>
Vegetable of the Month
Written by Dr. Releford 04 March 2013
    HEALTH IS WEALTH   Vegetable of the Month   Have you heard the saying “kale is the new beef”? It’s all over the Internet, and has even made it on to T-shirts.   But this is no ... read more >>
Written by Dr. Donald Henderson 28 February 2013
  There is a world of difference between the little (h) and the big (H) Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) is a hormone produced during pregnancy. Males also produce hCG in the brain in the pituitary ... read more >>

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