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Make sure the holidays are filled with joy with easy tips

 Find ways to make sure your holiday seasons are filled with yuletide and joy instead of gloom.

Christmas is held as the most joyous time of the year for most but for some can be stressful. People often can become overwhelmed with gift shopping, decorations and family drama galore. One familial relationship in particular can become especially strained—your relationship with your in-laws.

So before you hit Crenshaw, shopping for that special gift that will get you in good with the relatives, take some advice to help you along the way. Holidays are about the memories, so how can you make yours merry and bright?

Here are five sure fire tips to get you started from Deanna Brann, PhD, Weddings blogger with The Huffington Post:

-Talk with the parents about the gift-giving rules for the grandchildren. Know what they want and don’t want for their children in the way of gifts, money spent, number of gifts, etc. If it isn’t clear, ask.

-Explore the holiday plans in advance so you know what is happening when and by whom – don’t assume anything. Get clarity so you know in advance how the holidays will be and where you fit into them.

-Don’t take things personally – holidays are stressful. Parents are trying to please everyone, plus they want to create their own holiday traditions.

-Think of some things you can do with your grandchildren that don’t include monetary gifts. Create the memories by doing, not necessarily by buying. The grandkids will remember what you did long after the holidays, but they won’t remember what you bought them.

-Create a family tradition of your own with your grandchildren. Create something that your grandchildren will not only remember, but also look forward to year after year.

Most of this info and more can be found in Brann’s new book, “Reluctantly Related: Secrets To Getting Along With Your Mother-in-Law or Daughter-in-Law.” For more information, please visit


This article was contributed to by Brian W. Carter, Staff Writer



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