Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The 76ers planned to build their team around center Andrew Bynum, but he may never play a game for them.  


By Jason Lewis

Sentinel Sports Editor

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The Lakers held on to center Andrew Bynum just long enough for him to become an All-Star, and then shipped him out at the right time, just as he had enough value to land center Dwight Howard.  


It looks like the Lakers may have pulled a fast one, because the 76ers had plans to build their team around Bynum, but he has not played a game yet this season because of knee issues, and now he will have surgery on both knees, ending his season, which never really began.  


The 76ers received a whole lot of nothing in that four-team trade, while the Lakers received Howard.  Both players can test the free agent market in the offseason, and both players will seek a max deal, but will the 76ers, or anybody else, be willing to give a max deal to Bynum?  It is obvious that the Lakers are banking on Howard signing a max contract with them.  


Howard looks like he has nearly regained his form from the back surgery that he had last year, which is the only major injury of his career.  But for Bynum, his knee issues have always been a problem, and the Lakers traded him right before Bynum hit his breaking point.  He may never again be an All-Star player.  Coupled with his maturity issues, it looks like the 76ers were sold damaged goods, which they have paid $16 million for.  


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