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The ultimate network event for the Black Business community

The Black Business Expo (BBXLA) is coming to the Los Angeles area on Friday and Saturday, May 24-25 in “The Hangar” at West Angeles Church. This event is the epicenter of Black Businesses, both local and throughout the greater Los Angeles area, coming together with job seekers and creating opportunities.

Harold Hambrick is the executive producer of the BBXLA, which is produced by SLAM, Inc. He spoke a little about the expo’s history and about its return.

“The Black Expo started in 1989 at the [Los Angeles Airport Marriott] founded by Barbara Lindsey,” said Hambrick. “We’ve held it consecutively up through 2009.

He continued, “It’s a continuation of our mission of promoting African American businesses in South Los Angeles and Los Angeles Metropolitan Area—San Bernardino, Riverside… what we want to do is promote Black businesses.”

Back and ready for 2013, the BBXLA works to effectively help business owners and entrepreneurs make the right connections. According to Hambrick, there are 45,000 African American businesses in Los Angeles. The BBXLA is the perfect event to help fuel the Black economy.

“[Black businesses] are doing billions of dollars of business each year,” said Hambrick. “What the expo does is we identify the businesses and try to connect [them].

The BBXLA will showcase around 150 businesses from the L.A. area to be present at this year’s event. They are expecting a crowd of approximately 10,000 over the two-day period. Hambrick also added a special event to take place the following Sunday, May 26.

“We’re targeting 200 churches and we’re going to have, what we call, Black Business Sunday,” said Hambrick. “ They hope to reach even more people through the churches.

Hambick added, “We want the churches to recognize the Black businesses in church and also give the businesses an opportunity to sell their goods and services to the congregation.”

Be sure to come and check out the Black Business Expo in Los Angeles in the “Hangar” area behind West Angeles Church, Friday and Saturday, May 24-25. Also don’t miss Black Business Sunday, May 26.

For more information, please call (323) 810-4752 or visit the website at

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