Friday, May 22, 2015

Rev. Michael W. Eagle

Scripture - Mark 16:1- 4 

Every now and then, what seems to work out just right for you - just doesn't.

Every now and then, a stream seemingly flowing downstream, suddenly appears to flow in the opposite direction.

Ways get blocked and stones have to be moved out of the way. Stones in our hearts; stones in our minds and stones in our spirits!

We must eliminate stones of indifference, fear, discouragement, apathy, anger, hatred, scorn, and bitterness. We must eliminate the stone of unforgiveness, especially when you know you want God to forgive you, but you refuse to forgive someone else!

Other stones to be removed are blaming and complaining, depression and overstressing, frustration and repression, and misguided love – they all must be moved out of the way.

Stones of unbelief, of self-doubt, of pity-partying, loneliness and excuse making, of thinking ‘it’s about me’ must be removed from our mindsets because it’s not about us, me or you.  It’s all about Him.

We must roll away the stones we use as crutches, the stones we use as excuses and stones used as weapons.

Mary didn't hear from Jesus until the stone was moved out of the way. Peter was not ridden of guilt, until the stone was moved out of the way.  The disciple whom Jesus loved was not comforted in bereavement, until the stone was moved out of the way.

We don't live in righteousness, until our stones are moved out of the way and they can be removed. Trust Him! Love Him! Praise Him! Worship Him ‘in spirit and in truth.’

And let the stones be moved out of the way!



Category: Religion

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