Tuesday, June 2, 2015

CWU Revival participants

The Rev. Dr. J. Alfred Smith, Sr., delivered encouraging words for women during the 1st Annual Empowerment Revival sponsored by Church Women United South Bay Chapter.

The services, held May 22-24 at Brookins Community A.M.E. Church, featured the renowned pastor emeritus of Allen Temple Baptist Church in Oakland as well as participation by local clergy representing various denominations.

Preaching from Acts 16, Dr. Smith focused on ‘Women’s Liberation Jesus Style’ during his sermon on Thursday.

“More than any writer in the New Testament, Luke paid proper homage to women. Luke was careful to describe the high place Jesus had for women in His life and ministry.

“We have enslaved and unempowered daughters of Eve that are found in every country of every color and class.  Not matter where you go on the globe, there are nameless slave girls who need liberation, Jesus style.  These oppressed girls and women cannot be ignored,” he said.

Insisting that today’s believers must not be bound by denominationalism, Dr. Smith encouraged women and men of the church to help spread the message that “there’s hope in Jesus.”

As the service concluded, Dr. Smith expressed appreciation to the Rev. Joyce L. Randall, CWU president, and the Rev. Gregory McLeod, Brookins pastor, for hosting the revival.




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