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FELA, on opening night, blew the audience away!

By Brian W. Carter, Sentinel Staff Writer

Powerful. Sensual. Hypnotic. Empowering. Awesome. There are so many things that can be said about the hot production, “FELA!”

“FELA!” tells the true story of one man’s struggle to change Nigeria and ultimately the world through his music. Sahr Ngaujah as Fela Kuti invites you into “The Shrine” as you become apart of his movement with pulsing, infectious grooves and beats.

“FELA!” is packed with some of the most authentic dance choreography I’ve ever seen on stage. The music is an amazing combination of jazz, funk and African rhythms as Fela takes you on a trip throughout his life.

Stage actresses Paulette Ivory and Melanie Marshall rule the stage with their performances. The cast of multi-talented dancers let all of their body do the speaking in this play…and they have a lot to say!

This production is definitely the answer to a cold winter as it will set you on fire with sizzling dance routines, stirring performances and social critiques. If the music doesn’t get you moving, “Fela” will, as he interacts with the audience in some of the dance routines.

“FELA!” will make you think as it addresses issues that society is still grappling with now in 2011 and into a new year. It’s simply a wonderful, all-encompassing production. I definitely recommend people-of-color come out and see this amazing production.

Like one of the numbers in the production, “FELA!” is pure “originality no artificiality!”

Two thumbs way up!!

Grade: A

FELA! is playing at the Ahmanson Theatre now until January 22. For more information please visit You may also call for t
ickets at (213) 628-2772 (TTY (213) 680-4017)



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