Sunday, May 24, 2015


People will have a chance to get their grub on with this vendor for the first time at Taste of Soul.

Taste of Soul (TOS) is never short on good food and has something for everybody. If you’re looking for a place to try, make sure you check out Get Your Grubon (GYG). Partners of GYG, Denise Lenoir and Robert Wheeler will be brining finger-lickin’ food to this year’s event.

GYG was established this year as catering for local football games and other minor events. They specialize in the comfort food we all know and love: fried food. The perfect food to accompany an event like Taste of Soul, GYG will be serving up food they know everyone loves.

“Mainly…deep-fried fish…chicken, fries,” said Wheeler about the food GYG offers to its customers. They’ve recently added barbecue to the menu with all the fixins’ to accompany it. Seafood is also on the menu and will be featured at TOS. GYG will be showcasing a grilled fish platter for OS VIP members to sample.

“Our signature dish, mainly is between the barbecue and the deep-fried fish,” said Wheeler. Some of the fish they prepare at GYG include Tilapia, Halibut and Red Snapper.

“[Taste of Soul] will be the biggest event we’ve ever done,” said Wheeler. “We’ve never been to Taste of Soul but we’ve always heard about it.

“I’m hoping to see progress [with GYG].”

When asked what he hopes for his first Taste of Soul experience, Wheeler said. “I hope they get their ‘Grub on’ once they taste the food.”

Get Your Grubon is located at 7606 S. Vermont in Los Angeles, CA

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