Saturday, May 23, 2015

Shyan Selah

Musical artist, Shyan Selah will be returning to the Los Angeles area launching a unique community outreach tour via Starbucks the week of November 19. This is an unprecedented and unique experience that he and his company, Brave New World (BNW) Global has created and the coffee juggernaut has supported by offering the store locations for him to perform and meet with customers.

Selah will also be singing the national anthem for the Lakers on the 22nd as well as visiting USC and Dorsey High School, spreading a “Stay in School Message” by teaching kids how countless careers in the entertainment business depend on a college education.

This marks Selah's second visit to Dorsey High School his first visit being back in 2009. This time he will be addressing a new crop of 800 students about how much an important role higher education can play in the music and entertainment industry.

 Visiting Dorsey is a high priority for Selah's outreach tour as the school has been recently embroiled in reconstitution efforts and is still at a 65% graduation rate. Selah and his company, BNW Global are making every effort possible to inspire students to enthusiastically pursue their education.

Selah is a rising star who embodies the essence of the most trendsetting music icons from his hometown of Seattle. Inspired by the likes of Ray Charles, Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain, Selah’s urban brand of rock music has created wide spread anticipation throughout the industry. He’s poised to take his special sound of Rock, Soul and Hip Hop music mainstream with his band, The Republic of Sound, and new album in production, City of Angels.

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