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Toya Jamison, owner of Gaudy Garbs Boutique

Photo by Shonassee shaver

There is no need to go anywhere for holiday attire when you have fashionable Gaudy Garbs Boutique in your neighborhood.  GGB is located at 1701 Centinela Avenue Inglewood, CA 90302; GGB is what you need to look great for this holiday season.

Whether it’s a Knots Landing red maxi dress, a Brooklyn fur vest or Dynasty sweater paired with cream riding pants and a Chanel inspired belt chain, GGB does not disappoint.

As Toya Jamison approached the retail industry, the fashionista was motivated to make her dreams come true, “As a kid, I was into fashion,” she said.  She was a go-to for her friends when it came to dressing.

Her fantasy became a reality as she was offered a positioned with a retired NBA player’s wife as an assistant and stylist for 5 years.

Hard work for Toya paid off as she established herself as a bonifide business woman with Gaudy Garbs Boutique.

Baseball Jacket- Dragon Fire, Top- Royal bodysuit, Faux Leather Skirt- 80's Skirt 

Jamison looks for different pieces and describes her store as “gaudy, chic, trendy and new age.”

Initially, she wanted her business to be on the west side, particularly in the Santa Monica and Venice area, however it was Toya’s mom who urged her to stick with her roots.

With warm reception from her clients, she remains a unique retailer in the industry. 

Her interaction with consumers sets her apart from other boutiques as well as commercial retails.

“It’s a sisterhood, where as other stores are more concerned about the financial aspect.”

Most of what is seen in her store cannot be found anywhere else.

Gaudy Garbs Boutique is affordable for the working girl who wants to look good, “I have prices moderate to low and some a little pricey,” she said.

You can also shop at Toya’s fashion boutique for day time wear.

“I cater towards young to middle age women,” said the fashionista whose style of clothing is versatile. “I buy classic pieces that can be worn all year around. You can mix a great pair of leggings with a top and heels for the summer or with a sweater and boots for fall and winter.”

Knots Landing Red Maxi Dress 

Although black is a go-to color for fall season, don’t shy away from vibrant colors from the summer.

Customer is key when it comes to wear, “it has to fit the customer,” Toya states.

She doesn’t lose herself in fashion but carves out her own set of rules of what is hot.

“I don’t follow trends; I’ll go for what I know.”

Toya is making a name for herself, branching out of Los Angeles and into major cities such Atlanta.

Vest- Brooklyn Fur Vest, Safari Harem Pants 

Based on her spring collection, she has launched Gaudy Garbs Boutique online, two maxi dresses and a jumpsuit, which received great feedback.

She doesn’t only party for fashion, but for a cause, look for fashion shows as well as charitable events from GGB. Toya extends herself in this department as she states, “I like to give back to my costumers.”

Gaudy Garbs Boutique will host its first Christmas Toy Drive called “Let it Snow” on December 14. There will be lots of snow and festivities to look forward to.

Toya is happy to be in the community and feels her business is more than a place of fashionable clothes but is her passion that she is living out.

“This is definitely the beginning,” she said. “I want to reach the highest height.” She is reaching for the stars with no limitation, “I want my own brand and franchise.”


Beanie- Married to the Game, custom made, and sold EXCLUSIVELY at Gaudy Garbs Boutique

Photos courtesy of Gaudy Garb Production Pictures 

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