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This time of year is a great time to focus on your health.  Your choice of diet is the most important choice you can make. Scientific studies have confirmed the benefits of proper nutrition. Follow these guidelines.


ALCOHOL: moderate use may reduce heart disease (a glass of red wine 1-2 times per week). However excessive use damages heart muscles. Alcohol is associated with increased rates of breast, mouth, esophageal, liver, and throat cancers. Calories from alcohol are converted to fat. Alcohol is a leading cause of liver disease (cirrhosis)


CALORIES: obesity is linked to premature death. Too many calories lead to diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, cancer. If, you have these diseases and are overweight, then you can greatly improve your health by losing 10% of your current body weight.





FATS: Your intake of dietary fat will determine your risk for heart disease. Fats that are solid at room temperature and fats that come from animals are to be avoided. This list includes:

·       Butter

·       Cheese

·       Red meat

·       Fried fast food

These fats are called Trans fats and saturated fats. When your body digests these foods the byproducts stick to your blood vessels and may completely block the blood flow to your brain, heart, kidneys, feet, or eyes. Eating fats (unsaturated fats) from fish, olive oil, nuts, .and peanut oil do not cause this problem.

Ask your physician to measure your blood cholesterol levels. Know your good, bad, and total cholesterol levels.


ANTIOXIDANTS: your body is like your car motor. Combustion of gas leads to a build up of byproducts that clogs the motor. In your body this is called oxidative stress. Antioxidants like vitamins A, C, E, and beta-carotene, fruits, and green vegetables reduce oxidative stress. There by reducing  your risk of cancer and heart disease.


Start the new year with these guidelines as your main focus.




Dr. Donald Henderson is Medical Director of Encore Wellness & Weight Loss and has a private practice specializing in Gastroenterology and Internal Medicine in Los Angeles.


I’d like to hear from you and answer any questions you have regarding your personal health and wellness goals. Please update me on your progress and forward your questions or comments to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . For more information, click or call • 310 673-5756

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