Saturday, March 28, 2015

Shana Gudger


He sits me down and says, “He wants to talk to me” 

But I keep moving around not understanding the peace

Is in Him and not in me

If I trust and have faith and just believe

Sit down and hear what He has to say

What he has been trying to tell me day by day

You see

I keep asking these questions

But not understanding why

No answer is coming; I’m getting no reply

Maybe because I need to trust Him and not me

And trust Him and in His totality

To sit down and listen to what He has to say

Because what He has to say

Will change my life in such an astronomical way.



Ask Him to comfort you when the pain gets so great

Ask Him to love you through the time of pain

Ask Him to bring peace to your mind

Ask Him to show you grace unbound

Ask Him to show you favor no matter what

Even when you don’t do your part

Ask Him to love you when you don’t love yourself

Ask Him to help you see your self worth

Ask Him to feel in the empty crevices in your soul

To soothe and savor you with His love

Ask Him anything that you fill within your heart

But most importantly ask Him to help you know He Is God.


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