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Jason Douglas Lewis

Please do not argue with the Sports Editor, it’s like bringing the Raiders back to Los Angeles, it’s just a bad idea.  Illustration by David G. Brown

Jeff Lewis Photography

Bringing the Raiders back to Los Angeles would mean an invasion of Raider Ran.  Photo by Jeff Lewis

Jeff Lewis Photography
If the Chargers move to Los Angeles, there will be no need to drive all the way to San Diego to watch training camp practice. Photo by Jeff Lewis

By Jason Lewis
Sentinel Sports Editor
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Well it’s nearly official, we’re finally getting a brand new football stadium!  Well, almost.  All that has to happen now is a team signing a lease to play at AEG’s Farmers Field in Downtown Los Angeles. 

AEG is putting up the private money and the City Council is on board.  That makes it nearly a done deal.  The only question now is who is coming? 

The list of teams includes the Buffalo Bills, Minnesota Vikings, Jacksonville Jaguars, St. Louis Rams and the most logical choice, the San Diego Chargers.  But one team that has been mentioned has trouble written all over it. 

That would be the Oakland Raiders. 

AEG, just say no to that team.  And if it is going to be the Raiders, the City Council should rescind their support.  Seeing that Raiders owner Al Davis was nothing but trouble the first time around, why go for a second?  

The Raiders have a fan base here in Los Angeles, but would AEG really want to spend well over a billion dollars to have Raider Fan fill this new stadium?  It would be in AEG’s best interest if the Raiders never played in this stadium as the road team, let alone play eight home games there a season as the home team. 

As for that Raiders fan base here in Los Angeles, there is also a large portion of the Los Angeles NFL fan base that hates the Raiders and would not show up at games if they were the chosen team. 

It would make no sense to spend that kind of money on a new stadium and then bring in a team that will scare off a lot of the potential costumers.  Nobody wants to worry about fights in the stands or in the parking lots, which happened when the Raiders played here years ago, which happens in Oakland, and which happens when the Raiders play the Chargers in San Diego.  The Dodgers are already dealing with that problem, which is one of several reasons why their attendance has drastically dropped. 

The Chargers are the ideal team to come to this new stadium and it is a clean fit.  Each spring, beginning February 1st, the Chargers can break their lease at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego.  The city of San Diego has been reluctant to use public funds on a new stadium, which the Chargers have been trying to get on the ballot for years.  The Chargers struggle to sell out Qualcomm Stadium, meaning that many of their home games are blacked out on local television. 

San Diego is a great place to vacation, but when it comes to football, they do not support their team. 

Many people have said that because Los Angeles has lost two teams it means that there is not much interest in NFL football in this city, and that the local fans will not support the team. 

That is just not true.  Los Angeles fans should not be blamed for having two bad owners leave the city. 

The Rams first mistake was moving the team to Anaheim, killing the Los Angeles fan base, and when the team was driven into the ground, former Rams owner Georgia Frontiere moved them to her home city of St. Louis in 1995. 

That same year Al Davis, who fought with the Coliseum Commission for years to make drastic upgrades to the stadium, had a new stadium deal set at Hollywood Park in Inglewood, but when he went to sign the deal he walked out and took his team back to Oakland. 

Davis’ move should not be blamed on Los Angeles fans either. 

Los Angeles is the nations second largest market, and a team, most likely the Chargers, will not have very many issues selling Farmers Field out. 

While we’re poaching other city’s teams, lets bring back the Rams too.  The NFL would love to put two teams in the Los Angeles market, and it would not take long for the Rams to bring back their old fan base, and with a young franchise quarterback, it will not be hard to create a new fan base. 

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