Friday, May 29, 2015

It was revealed at an International Montessori Society Board retreat on April 25, that Dr. Sandra Roussell and the International Montessori Society have formed a partnership. 

Roussell was the founder and Head of School of Escuela de Montessori, one of the most well-respected educational facilities in Los Angeles from 1973 to 2003.

Thirty years of excellence was the school's trademark. The International Montessori Society has decided that another "Escuela" is needed. Thus, Roussell has been asked to spearhead a pilot project that would establish a Kindergarten and First Grade program recreating Escuela de Montessori's curriculum with numerous enhancements appropriate for 2011.

The pilot program will be rolled out this summer as Escuela Plus.

The "Plus" indicating that the new program will be even better than the 30 years of excellence that the former facility produced. When Roussell was asked how she felt about this new project, she replied, "I am ecstatic!"

Besides having a great emphasis on reading and math skills for Kindergarten and First Grade, the students will be exposed to science and history.

Monthly field trips will be taken to the California Science Center and Museum of Natural History where students will perform hands-on experiments to complement their classroom experience.  Current events, art, music, health and nutrition, and physical education will be incorporated throughout each week. 

The students will work a year to two years above California state educational guidelines, which can be accomplished because of the extremely small teacher-student ratio.  Student enrollment will be limited to 14 students per class, allowing each student to receive tremendous individualized attention throughout the day.

Escuela Plus is located in a segment of Westchester United Methodist Church at 8065 Emerson Avenue in Westchester, and currently has open enrollment (

There is no doubt that our community will be enriched by Escuela Plus giving another generation of young people a level playing field educationally and socially.

When Roussell was asked what her goal is for each student, she responded, "It is my ultimate desire to build great self-esteem, a sense of responsibility, genuine respect for others, and a life-long love of learning."

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