Saturday, February 28, 2015

Wellington's Road

Gonna make this simple and's time to dress like we got some sense! Fellas, stop with the pants around your knees, showing all your bidness to e'rybody. I don't want to see yo draws, especially when they got skid marks! And walking around, outside, in wife-beaters all the look like you don't care.

Ladies, you ain't no better! Listen, don't wear it if it's going to be spilling over and bunching in lumps. Let's wear what fits, it looks better...that's a fact. Also, hoochie isn't's hoochie. Men may not act like it, but they have more respect for a lady who dresses like one. I'm not knocking weaves, but if you look like a reject version of 'Blanka' from the Street Fighter series, maybe you shouldn't rock that color and spend a little more money on a better weave.

I understand this consumer, fad-crazed world we live in but respect and class will never go out of style. Can we begin the process of caring how we look again. Please people.



Category: Op-Ed

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