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Dr. Betty R. Price

Dr. Betty R. Price

By Cora Jackson-Fossett
Sentinel Religion Editor
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LAS: What is your name and what is your ministry?
BP: Dr. Betty R. Price is Assistant Minister of Crenshaw Christian Center located at 7901 S. Vermont Avenue in Los Angeles.

LAS: How long have you been in this ministry and how did you get started in it?
BP: For 38 years. I started by assisting my husband, Apostle Frederick K.C. Price, in counseling, teaching, and answering letters.

LAS: What role has God or your faith played in your ministry?
BP: My faith in God, by knowing the reality of His word, has kept me excited and inspired to fulfill my role in ministry.

LAS: What is one of the most memorable moments or experiences during your ministry?
BP: In 1970, when I became filled with the Holy Spirit, learned the principles of faith, and found out how to please God (Hebrews 11:6), I have never had a boring day in these 40 years.

LAS: What are you doing or working on now and what are some of your future goals?
BP: I am now ministering in churches throughout the U.S. I also conduct conferences called, "3 Women Who Care," with my two daughters, Angela and Cheryl, on the spirit, soul, and body. I provide special ministry to pastors' wives. Also, I still have my vision and passion to rebuild and restore the community around my church.


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