Thursday, May 28, 2015


Wellington's Road

In life, there are things that are too late to do's too late to take back an embarrassing's too late to do high school over's too late to take back some decisions...but it's never too late to get a college education.

Whether you're mature, young or somewhere in between, a college education is within your grasp. I'm sure most people know this, but if anybody is being held back by some thought, voice or impression, it's time to break free. I'm encouraging anyone who didn't get his or her college education- to go and get it.

It's a worthwhile down payment on your life and you're entitled to it. The world continues to evolve and change everyday. A college education isn't the only way to succeed, for many have without one, but it's very important. Life may have taken higher priority, stopped or even derailed your plans, maybe for a while, but eventually, you get a second wind.

They're so many ways to get a college education nowadays. You can't turn around without some school offering online classes, extension classes, and night classes. Many adults, young adults, single parents, and senior citizens are going for that degree. They decided they wanted the college experience and that it wasn't too late.

Whatever the fear or obstacles you face, getting a college education is worth it. I remember I was afraid to attend college and almost let a chance to attend a distinguished university passed me by. I jumped though, and found out my fears were completely in my head. I found I was fully capable, ready and deserved to be there...and you do to.

Don't let age, bad choices, friends, family, work, fear, whatever stop you from achieving your dream. You can go back to school and get that degree. It's yours. If... you want it.


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