Saturday, May 23, 2015


Hello World, at this very moment I write to you from a truly vulnerable place mentally. I metaphorically stand before you, proud with resilient strength, yet humbled with honest intentions. I am travelling a path that is unknown. And because I am such a control freak, I cannot help but to force an outcome that I dictate. Well, I must pass this message on to you all, because time is more precious then I could ever depict with words alone. Frederick Douglas once said, "Without struggle, there could be no progress." I hear those words and feel as if progress is the struggle of nature, thus, struggle is inevitable.

So, the point I will make with this article is, "Understanding Progress." Progress comes in many different formats: development, growth, advancement, improvement, evolution and many other words that come to mind. Yet, with all those stunning words to choose from, I believe many of us do not fully grasp the understanding of progress. Not the meaning from a cognitive standpoint, but the empathetic perspective.

Our ability to achieve is often based on our desire to proceed! If you live a sedentary existence then the possibility of success is small. Some of us need to simply fill out a job application without forgetting our signature upon completion. Some of us need to start work on time and not occupy our thoughts with leaving early. A person like myself should not dwell in a heightened analytical mind state, when ones job is elementary. Yet, if your obligations are truly cerebral, invest the necessary thought.

For me, I took the quote of Frederick Douglas to the extreme. I have often invited unnecessary struggle into my life, merely because of my desire to achieve! I am not saying that I disagree with our forefather's words; I am bringing understanding to them.

Progress will come, as struggle will accompany it. Yet, one should recognize the often-overlooked reward of progress. It may start with a minor step; embrace that step (whatever it may be) as that is "Understanding".

Simplistically stating, "a baby must crawl before walking, right!" Well, as adults we often forget to take those baby steps at the start of our struggles, merely because we are accustom to struggling.

Well, I recall being told in elementary school to "Stop, look and listen," before crossing the street. So, stop for a moment, look around and see what life has to offer, then listen to your most positive thoughts; you will progress, with less struggle!



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