Monday, May 25, 2015

By Cora Jackson-Fossett
Sentinel Religion Editor
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"Pray What God Says," written by Christine Brooks Martin, aims to help Christians improve communion and fellowship with God by praying according to scripture.

"Letting the scriptures be the foundation of your prayers will allow you to pray more effectively and at same time, develop your relationship with God through His Word," said Martin.

"If people are having certain issues, the scriptures have the remedy for anything you are going through in your life."

Martin, who is also the L.A. Sentinel's Production Manager, wrote her book for the new Christians and those who would like to grow in their walk with Christ.  "I knew how difficult it was for me when I first got saved and was really hungry for knowing how God's Word was applicable to my life, for my present situations and circumstances. But, I really didn't know how to study the Bible in that way."

After visiting several Christian book stores, she found answers to some of her questions, but still couldn't locate a publication to meet her needs.  So, she started her own research and ended up with an entire catalog of scriptures to use when she prayed.

"For instance, I wanted to know what the Word said about peace because I was going through some things in my life and I didn't have peace.  When I searched, I found all of these scriptures to use in prayer.  That's how I became interested in writing the book. I said if this helps me, it could help other people to pray using the scriptures."

"Pray What God Says" contains five narrative chapters, topical scriptures and a glossary.  The chapters consist of The Cry, The Lie, The Truth, The Word and Prayer.

She said, "We all have a cry in our heart that can only be appeased eternally by God.  The Lie is about all the falsehoods Satan tells us about God and hell.  The next chapters explain what the truth is, what the Word of God is, and how prayer helps us to develop a relationship with God."

The topical scriptures cover Spiritual Growth, Family, Finances, Career, Students, Health and Intercession. Also, sub-topics are listed under each area, for example, the Finances section includes scriptures on Abundance, Blessings, Guidance and Possessing Property.  With the glossary, readers can quickly find the subject and related scriptures.

"I hope that those who get the book will have happy reading as they experience the manifestation of blessing in every facet of life by declaring the scriptures over your circumstances," said Martin.
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