Saturday, February 28, 2015

I Write About It

By Alfonzo Tucker

My eyes open after hours of non-sleep

In my mind, I could not remove the grief

My heart still has motion, but its rhythm is off beat

I must forgive, myself, and the others to whom I will not speak

So, I write about it

Whether it be the stroke of my pen or the tap of a key

Now I have an outlet to manage the rage within me

I write about it

Disappointment combined with anger

Apprehension united with confusion

The relief I experience while I write, can only compare to a transfusion

You'll be amazed how merging words can manage stress

Don't be skeptical, become an optimist

So in an instance when you've clinched your fist, ready to hit, suffering a mental fit

Take a deep breath and write about it

When you have not conceded to one tear

And you think you have forgotten how to love

Do not dwell within fear

Write about it


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