Sunday, May 3, 2015

Let the music play

By Alfonzo Tucker

When the chorus stops and the temptation fades, let the music play

When your spouse frowns and the kisses change, let the music play

Your boss assigns work at the end of your day, let the music play

The melody is a rhythm that you create

The tempo is timing that you dictate

Let the music play

The world is your instrument

Your song is played in the key of passion, a tone of self-development

Let the music play

The bridge appears when mid-life is near

Do not view that as crisis, as life is to be revered

Let the music play

Allow your thoughts to flow, like an ecliptic note

So when the music plays, there is constant hope

No matter the genre, race, religion or creed

Let your music play so your life can breathe


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