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Summer Wheaton modeling in New York
Summer Wheaton modeling in New York

Marketing major, Summer Wheaton is looking to own the runway in the future.

By Brian W. Carter
Sentinel Staff Writer

Summer Wheaton is college student taking New York by the heels down the runway. She will be a sophomore in the fall and is currently pursuing the world fashion this summer and looking towards a bright future.

Wheaton is a native of Los Angeles and a graduate of Palisades High School. She is currently a marketing major at Hampton University with an interest in the fashion industry and advertising. When asked her secret to success, she responded, "Everything, a little bit of everything."

She continued, "Hard work for sure...that will get you in the door but also determination and certainly the fight in you, the hunger for success." Wheaton spoke about how she has encouraged herself to follow her dreams and persevere over personal obstacles. "It took me a minute to get into that whole...the whole process of working hard."

She previously had an interest in journalism but it fell of the catwalk sort of speak. Wheaton decided to pursue marketing and advertising as a field of choice. "I thought that I was going to be journalism major because I always loved to was just the fact that I was really interested in fashion." Her interest and the lack of a fashion department at school led her seek information within the fashion industry, business and work towards being in the industry.

Wheaton shared some important aspects of life young people need to have to achieve their goals. "I was kind of a social butterfly...I feel like that's a great trait to have only because later on in life, if you don't really know how to network, you can't really get anywhere."

She hopes to graduate and go on to grad school as well as travel abroad studying fashion. " I hope to study abroad my junior year and go to Milan and study fashion for maybe a couple of months during the summer." She mentioned that her marketing degree will come in handy if the fashion world doesn't work out for her and pursue advertising, "cause I've always been really good at coming up with phrases," said Wheaton.

Wheaton advised students to be wise and plan out there futures carefully. "Choose goals that are attainable in the near future...that keeps you excited." She commented on the importance of reaching for immediate goals as a way of building confidence and character to reach higher for the next goal.

This young lady has taken the reigns on her life and is leading the pack. We say congratulations and the best of luck to the next big thing... Summer Wheaton!


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