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Sherron Pearson
Sherron Pearson

Sherron Pearson will be a freshman at Columbia University in the fall focusing on creative writing.

By Brian W. Carter
Sentinel Staff Writer

Sherron Pearson is a local Los Angeles student who was recently awarded the prestigious Gate Millennium Scholarship. Pearson will be attending Columbia University in New York City.

"Anyone is entitled to success as long as they incorporate hard work and find the overall drive and passion to get to where they want to go," said Pearson about attaining success. The soon to be freshman is currently taking summer courses at Columbia targeted at preparing her for the coming semester. "The program that I'm in right now is called Academic Success Program (ASP) at Columbia, and essentially it's where low-income students who are accepted into Columbia take four classes to basically prepare them for the Ivy League education."

In high school, Pearson's favorite subject was English, and she plans to concentrate on that field at Columbia. "My plan as of right now is to major in Anthropology with a concentration in creative writing." She shared she would like to possibly work in a museum or write for a newspaper.

She had a few words to share with students within the community about school and future goals: "Start now...Look at all avenues possible because education is the key and as long as you put in work...there'll always be someone or some organization to help you."

Sherron Pearson accomplished her goals by being steadfast and diligent about her studies. We applaud her success and wish her all the best as she climbs the stars to her future. Congratulations, Sherron!!


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