Saturday, April 25, 2015

Woman Assaulted at local Gas Station

A local activist is calling for justice after being attacked by to female suspects.

By Brian W. Carter
Sentinel Staff Writer

On April 1, an assault took place at a Mobil gas station at 1925 Crenshaw Blvd. The victim, identified as 'Ms. Robinson,' was attacked by one of two female suspects entering the gas station.

It's been speculated that the two female assailants are acquaintances with a Mobil employee. Robinson has reported that the attack could possibly stem from past disputes with the gas station employee.

The two unidentified female suspects reportedly entered the Mobil station at the same time as Robinson. She reports that she was cornered by the Mobile employee and the two females and was assaulted by one of the females. Robinson received several blows to the back of her head.

A witness at the scene claimed he saw the assault transpire from the beginning. The witness helped Robinson after the attack and has reportedly stated, "they should not have done that."

Robinson sustained injuries that required immediate medical attention. She suffered swelling of the brain and a concussion from the assault. She is presently recovering from her injuries.

This is unfortunately the second time Robinson has been assaulted, the first time being at a 7 Eleven. She is in the process of pursuing legal action for the Mobil assault. Robinson has been informed that she has a good case.

Robinson's attorney is awaiting medical documents and more information before proceeding with filing charges. In a strange turn of events, the witness to the crime has been sent to jail recently.


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