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Luke Walker

Pasadena Barber on cutting edge of hair care and philanthropy Luke Walker's barber and beauty shop fixes hair, raises money for Sickle Cell Foundation

By Brian W. Carter Sentinel Staff Writer Need a trim or a cut, the place to go to is Luke Walker's Barber Shop and Beauty Care. Located in the city of Pasadena, CA, Luke Walker has been running his barbershop for the past 35 years.

"I started cutting hair as a youngster in Arkansas when I was about 7 or 8 years old. I worked my way through college as a barber and I have five brothers who followed behind me and we all educated ourselves by cutting hair."

While pursuing many jobs on the side, Walker continued to cut hair. He eventually established his own barber and beauty care shop in 1975. Walker's shop offers all the amenities of your local barbershop. His shop also sells beauty supply products.

"We are a shampoo shop...we don't cut hair without having it clean. We have chairs that are electronically operated...standing at each station and all we have to do is hit a button, turn it to the bowl and it will lay you right back into the bowl."

Walker's shop offers services to both men and women. His shop is an 11-chaired station, 6 chairs for the barbershop and 5 for the beauty shop separated by a hallway. Walker's shop also features a unique vacuum system to get rid of clipped hair.

On top of his phenomenal shop, Walker also shares his passion with the Sickle Cell Foundation. He and a host of barbers and cosmetologists will be putting on the "12th Annual Cosmetologists & Barbers Against Sickle Cell Disease."

The event, "Soulful Sounds For Sickle Cell," is a lip sync show where Walker and other barbers dress as famous entertainers and put on shows to raise money for Sickle Cell research.

"We have raised quite a bit of money in the last 12 the 11 previous years, we have raised as much as $60,000 between the barbers and cosmetologists here in Pasadena."

"We have a lot of fun...this year I'm doing Frankie Beverly and Maze...we have people doing all kind of stuff."

Walker is passionate in his pursuit to help fight Sickle Cell. He's using his skills and this program to help in any way possible.

"It's a disease that's in our family, in people of color and we need to try and get more attention on it and try to help someone...we've made our living in the's like a farmer...what I'm intending, along with everybody else is planting some seeds so we can continue to produce."

Luke Walker's Barber and Beauty Care Shop is top of the line and making great contributions to its customers and the community at large.

To contact Luke Walker's Barbershop and Beauty Care, call (626) 793-6534.

For more information, the Sickle Cell Disease Foundation of California is located at 6133 Bristol Parkway, #240, Culver City, CA 90230. You can contact them at (310) 693-0247, by fax at (310) 693-0266, or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . You may visit their website at

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