Friday, April 24, 2015

The Census and our communities

By Brian W. Carter
Sentinel Staff Writer

The Census is an important process for our Black communities as it serves as a road map for our progress. It allows us to take a snapshot of our surrounding neighborhoods and cities.

Every decade, a census is taken to scope the change of our urban landscape. They are conducted by filling out questionnaires about our neighborhoods and us. They determine whether we get a police station, clinics, youth centers and other public programs. The Census helps to also put seats in the House of Representatives for our state. This is important because it determines who will be representing us in Congress.

It is important that we take part in the census because our voice counts. The census allows us to be heard as a people concerning what we need to see within our communities. It will also help draw more attention to the unemployment rate, school districts and increasing the need for privately owned businesses.

The 2010 census is happening right now and being distributed to every residence in the United States and Puerto Rico. It is important that you fill out the forms that will be arriving in the mail. This Census is will be looking at low-income families as a part of their research. Be sure to make voice heard by participating this year.

For more information visit the Census 2010 at

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