Friday, May 29, 2015

White House Encourages Census

President Obama and the White House are supporting the Census and urging citizens to participate this year. 

By Brian W. Carter
Staff Writer

The 2010 Census is the 23rd Census endorsed and supported by most of our presidents. The White House has played a large part in communicating in the past, how important the Census is to the nation. From President William Taft in 1910 to President Barack Obama now in 2010, it has been within the president of the United States agenda to support the Census. It's no different this year as President Obama and the White House have begun a campaign on behalf of the Census.

President Obama has recently released a short public announcement stressing the importance of participation this year. Echoing his constant stance on working together and strengthening the nation, President Obama urges everyone within the nation to take their part in the Census.

"Behind all those numbers are real lives," said former President Clinton regarding to the Census in 1990, "...this is a profoundly important issue if we want to make good decisions about where we are going." Throughout the centuries the Census has served as a checklist of our nation, cities and communities. The White House will continue to support and endorse every Census to further strengthen our country.

Don't be left out of the Census this year, so make sure you participate by filling out a form. Look for your Census form to be mailed around mid-March. In some areas, Census takers will deliver the form to residences. The form consist of only 10 questions that can be completed in 10 minutes. It's simple and fast to fill out.

To find out more about the 2010 Census and hear what President Obama and other presidents have to say about the Census, you can visit

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