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Fantasia ROCKS Hollywood Opening Night Of "The Color Purple"

By Maleena Lawrence

Sentinel Contributing Writer

LOS ANGELES, CA- Fabulous Fantasia Barrino, brilliantly cast as Celie in "The Color Purple" was absolutely fantastic in her premier performance at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood, CA.

LA celebrities, many have already jet-setted across the country to see "The Color Purple" in New York on Broadway, appeared on the red carpet in full support of seeing Fantasia mind blowing performance and powerfully commanding voice. Songwriter, Brenda Russell and playwright, Marsha Norman, shared synchronized sentiments of how being a part of this creative process has been incredible since day one. They also expressed this project as being one of the greatest gifts of their lives.

Initially, I was blown away by torrents of colorful scenes and musical sounds that stirred the soul and moved emotions that I haven't felt in a long time. For those unfamiliar, the play deals with a host of historical issues within the Black Community, leaving you caught between tears and laughter.

From 'American Idol' we had already concluded Fantasia to have very strong vocals, however, the composure of her theatrical precision married with the accompaniment of an equally talented cast was amazing. Shauteka Joyner, entrepreneur, was "totally shocked and taken off guard" by the uniqueness of how well Fantasia did. During intermission, actor, Daniel Rhyder was, "100% blown away from Fantasia, her innocence, charisma, energy and she's not trying to steal the show".

In the words of many, departing from the theater, "Go See The Color Purple". It is filled with soulful sentiments and reflective moments that will arouse the belief that no matter how hard life may be, There is a God out there listening.


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