Friday, May 29, 2015

A Christmas Gift From The Heart

By Brian W. Carter
 Sentinel Intern

"Ho-Ho-Ho" as Christmas comes around the bend once again. This is when we start our shopping sprees and just about break the bank trying to get the latest gadget, clothing or accessories.

Things are expensive nowadays and our wallets are a little more than bare right now. It's funny we feel the need to put ourselves in debt during this time of year and most of the time, because we want to give something special to our loved ones on Christmas day. I've learned, over time, that something special doesn't have to be crazy expensive.

The key to a special gift is knowing the person you're buying for...."personalize." If your loved one loves Looney Tunes why not surprise them this Christmas with a Looney Toons DVD collection, or Looney Toon stuffed animal? Or make a CD with all their favorite music on it? Or surprise them with a collage of pictures of memories you've shared over the years in a nice frame? Or even a comfortable bathrobe, slippers and pajamas in their favorite color? Most of these gifts won't break the bank and appeal to your special somebody.

I just wanted to give some money saving ideas that will save your wallet and possibly bring many smiles on Christmas Day. The key to remember is to "personalize" your gift to your loved ones. It'll show not only that you listen but you truly care....Merry Christmas everybody!

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