Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Kappa Man

Kappa Alpha Psi", until the day I die.

March 9th 1996 at 10:04 and 43 seconds I crossed the burning sands.

I felt invincible, as most pledges do, my confidence was clear and my brotherhood grew.

I was no longer shy, reclusive, unclear, uncool,

for some strange reason the ladies thought so too.

Arthur Ashe was one reason I became a NUPE! Like many of my Kappa elders, he exemplified the swagger of a Kappa Man that is sure of himself, accomplished and true.

True to the bond, and clean as a flawless diamond. Believe in yourself as A Kappa Man is only limited to what I am. An achiever, a dreamer, a positive force in this world meant to triumph.

With the twirl and boop of my cane, my step through life is unique. I stroll along a path that leads me to an optimistic peak. I prevent society from yielding me pain, all because we pay homage to Paul W Caine.

I dream with my eyes open as achievement was taught to me, honorable in every field of human endeavor, Elder Watson Diggs evokes that spirit in me.

From Scroller hood to Envictus, I walk with a Kappa style; understanding that my fundamental purpose is to achieve and because of each brother within my fraternity, I am learning how.

I wake daily with a natural high, living with the essence of Phi Nu Pi.

So peace and respect to the "Devine Nine", but for me "Krimson and Kream", is the reason why, I'll forever be true to Kappa Alpha Psi!

I am one of eight equal parts; and without my sands, I would have not made it this far!

Please excuse my use of slang, if you do not understand some to the passages of this poem, allow me to explain. I belong to an exclusive positive group of profound men that was founded on January 5th, 1911.

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