Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Community Corner: Urgent!! Listen!! Or Else!!

The days of eluding jury duty may be over folks. Sanction hearings will be held on four Fridays: October 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th at 2:30 p.m. in Dept 6, 4th floor at 825 Maple St. 90503. The Southwest District Assistant Supervising Alan B. Honeycutt will be convening juror sanction hearings for the LASC Southwest District citizens. What this means people is, those of you who failed to respond to jury service notices mailed on three separate occasions at your last known addresses could be sanctioned. 

Those who have failed to respond may face stiff fines and a new jury assignment. The Los Angeles Superior Court is coordinating a program for participation in Jury service. "The sanctions are a last resort," says Presiding Judge Charles W. McCoy Jr., "monetary sanctions may not be imposed if a person agrees to serve." This new method is to help ensure the rights of eligible citizens in Los Angeles County to participate jury service. McCoy ensures that "the Court has no interest whatsoever in using these sanctions as a source of money."

The One Trial Jury Service, established in 1999, says jurors summoned for jury duty need only to come one day to the courthouse for jury selection or one trial. If you're not chosen to be part of a jury or on a jury panel, you're excused of jury duty obligation for 12 months. If jurors however are selected to be part of a jury or jury panel, they must serve until the trial is completed or are excused by a bench officer.

So jury duty rippers, eluders and ditchers....tread softly. It'll hurt far less to answer the Court's call than to be in agony trying to pay a huge fine in this present day economy.

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