Saturday, May 30, 2015

A Prayer, for the Married Couple

Dear Heavenly Father

Thank you for this occasion

Thank you for allowing this couple to commit themselves as Husband and Wife

On this day Lord, you have given this couple the responsibility recognized as a spiritual gift of companionship.

Together, here today Lord, while in the presence of family and friends

We ask you to strengthen their bond

We ask you to allow them to recognize the fault in themselves, before considering arguing to relieve tension and frustration that all couples face.

Give them the desire to communicate with one another when the other needs the attention of their life mate.

Allow them to cherish the sanctity of marriage knowing that the other is all they need, mentally - emotionally and physically, in their partnership.

With all the love you have for this couple Lord, Bless them, so that we as their friends and family may celebrate this day with them for the rest of their lives.

And for those friends and family members, who could not be here in a physical form, allow their sprit to be felt in the hearts of this couple, so that all the positive energy within this setting can lead this couple into an optimistic future.

In your name Lord, amen.

I wrote this prayer for people close to me. Recently my brother, Zachary Darling, married the beautiful Elizabeth Buckley. I foresee a bright and healthy future for them both as they appear to be a match formed by the hands of our heavenly creator. In the same month of August, my sister, Kassandra Darling, married the truest love of her life, Simon Maude. I admire both couples, as they are on a shared path of devotion.

For those of you who are asked to speak at a wedding and have trouble finding the words best suited for that occasion, I invite you to recite the prayer above; know that inspiration comes from many sources. So only your voice and emotion can express the energy these words represent for the couple closest to you.


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