Friday, May 22, 2015

Hello world, I trust you are having the type of day that leads you up an ambitious path. If not, please try moving in a positive direction by allowing yourself a moment to read this article; as I aim to promote the love you currently share with the people close to you. While seated in my favorite chair, the one with the leopard skin upholstery and the curved wooden arm rest, thinking of this week's writing. I received a phone call from a good friend. Even though I wanted to write about my journey, thus far, in graduate school that had to wait. I listened to my friend and the words used within our conversation, patience, understanding, and compromise. That one word, "Compromise", seemed to sum up the entire conversation.

I asked my friend, "how difficult is it to compromise?" The answer was in my opinion one sided. "Tuck", as most of my friends call me; "I have been finding the middle ground for years and things have got to change!" Well, I listened and that word, "Compromise", continued to find its way into the conversation. So, I gather that the "give and take" of a relationship must be mutual throughout the existence of the relationship, if you desire that connection to continue.

I think the beauty of mankind rest within our ability to use the power of applied thought (Noesis). Because thought is infinite, we as human-beings are constantly subject to change. As long as that change is positive, we as friends, family and love ones should be supportive. The support should be for the benefit of ones self esteem, mental and physical health and whatever else that allows one an ambitious path.

Compromise does not have to mean you are giving up on your opinions, nor does it have to mean you are cowering to the opposition. I believe the act of compromising is healthy when one accepts it and freely offers it to enhance a situation. I truly believe that clarity will surface once compromise has been added to the dilemma. 

So, how difficult is it to bring compromise into your life? Are you the type to allow things to linger or the type to refuse fault within yourself? If you recognize procrastination and hold your self liable for error, "that is a form of compromise", the next step is finding humility and allowing conversation to lead us up that positive, ambitious path.

Fortunately, my friend has shared many years of love that has been cultivated from companionship, children and amenity. To me those are all forms of compromise. I think we forget that our differences find a trail to similarities and even though our course has several different outlooks, we can celebrate love within that journey!

Many of you who read my articles know that I enjoy reading the philosophy of Taoism as told by Lao Tsu. This next quote is simple to state yet difficult for many to accept. "He who knows when to STOP does not find himself in trouble, (Lao Tsu)." Allow me to shift a couple of those words around for the sake of this article, "He who knows when to COMPROMISE does not find himself in trouble or alone."

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