Monday, May 25, 2015

Hello World, this topic comes to mind periodically. I seldom think of being a husband unless I am at home with my family or in situations where my friends are accompanied by their spouses. I would imagine being a husband more often yet I tell myself (in a non-conceded way) to not desire that level of a relationship until I have met a woman who deserves me and I deserve her. Even then, I wonder what type of husband I would be. I can only imagine and hope that my thoughts are accurate.

Observing the companionship between certain couples is odd at times because people often present themselves publicly as living in a blissful household with no issues and handling every situation with extreme regard for their other half. Also, fidelity may not be the focus for some relationships; many people live in open marriages where affairs are granted. I promised myself to not be that type of husband; therefore I will never accept that type of woman. I want to be enamored by my wife, desiring her and only her. Yet realistically, I know temptation awaits me just as much as it awaits any woman desiring that lustful aspiration for her man. On another note, I have only met a few couples where their gift to each other seems genuine. Fortunately that is my opinion and my observations can be totally off kilter.

So, if I were a Husband, I would want to be with a woman I have a rare and profound desire for that is mental, emotional and physical. My belief in self is vast, thus my ability to share life with whom ever awaits me will be completely genuine on my part. I want to share myself in a fashion that most men, I know, choose not too. For example, short of living in a dream world, I want to share absolutely everything with my woman. I've been told that total honesty is unrealistic, yet total honesty has saved me from unhealthy relationships and premeditated foolish behaviors.

I want to be the type of husband that can take constructive criticism and know that my wife is sharing with me advice that will only help me accomplish my goals. Of course, I will offer her the same. Not from a Cliff Huxtable perspective nor any other marketed image of a good husband. I am not perfect and have no desire to paint an image of possibly being a perfect husband. Simply stated, I need, want and am willing to give everything to a woman that I expect in return.

Now, what I believe I have working in my favor is that I am and enjoy being a leader, a provider, a source of stability within my home. As a husband those qualities will be celebrated. Yet, those are common qualities that most women desire within a husband. So it may sound cool to say, it may even make me appear to be a good man, but I possess those qualities to a fault. I am more subjective than the average man so my feelings are more involved and affected by casual every day interactions. I take pleasure in knowing that as a husband those traits would not change, good, bad or indifferent.

If I were a husband, I would enjoy being a husband first; presumably my wife and I are without children. There is a difference between dating, being a woman's boyfriend and eventually becoming husband and wife. I would relish in the gift of intimacy that she only has for me. I would dwell within that gift as a true union not because a child is emminent, yet because I believe in the rapture of love.

This topic is too personal to quote any one (as I normally end these articles with). I think that being a husband is different for absolutely every man on who accepts a partner. However for me, if I were a husband my wife would fill the emptiness in my desires, she would cure the lust in flesh and feed my soul with her feminine power.

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