Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Hello world, I offer you all my thoughts as they pertain to those who steal from you the most precious gifts that shape and cultivate your personality. The theft of these gifts can alter your opinions and desires in life. I know this because I have been on both sides of that coin. Today, I am proud to claim honor and nobility as a man! Yet I have a poignant mind state regarding this subject and truthfully I do not know how to escape from those thoughts. The reason why I am disgusted is because many of us who posses the power of influence, with an interesting swagger and a strong charismatic appeal, tend to take advantage of those with less strength.

I refuse to think of "Man" as fundamentally dishonest, so we must all understand that our actions can be a negative influence on our peers if we behave in a selfish fashion. You can walk through life and greet people with a positive smile, offer concerned conversation to your colleagues over lunch, but who are you away from common life?

Okay, I must admit that my frustration comes from a person who I considered a friend. I have held my tongue for two plus years now yet I decline to accept this situation as just another life lesson. Friendship is a blessing if you believe in altruism and heartache if you have allowed naivety to clothe your suspicions.

I believe friendship should be open and free from judgment, opinionated and unambiguous. Yet not all of us live this way!

I had a friend; we were like brothers for more then eleven years. We grew up together, chased girls in undergrad. We even accomplished goals together as young adults. I never thought in my lifetime that I would experience trickery in the sense of trust and ill business practice. I allowed my friendship to conceal the behaviors of a selfish person who looked past brotherhood for personal financial gain. The sick twist to this situation is that my ex-friend knew what was right and chose to use his own intellect to paint an honest picture for himself.

For every person out there who can be honest with themselves; before you risk loosing Love, Honor and Respect, try loving yourself, honoring yourself, and respecting yourself, as these are why many people befriend one another. Who are you without the people who love you? Who are you without the people who honor you? And lastly, who are you without the people who respect you?

Fortunately I do not know the answers to those questions. Unfortunately my ex-friend does, for you the reader, please think twice before becoming the type of person who looses dignity and friendship. 

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