Saturday, February 28, 2015

This we hope is the last in the four (4) part commentaries about Foundations.

In our previous three comments we gave you the background of the ten (10) Foundations, which made up the so-called coalition. In our recent inquiry we found out that the coalition no longer exists. It has vanished into thin air without a whimper.

Not Surprisingly.

In the first place, they had no spokesperson; no address; no phone number; no fax; and no email. It was much like a ghost operation. As of this writing we have no idea what happened to the promised thirty (30) million dollars.

All we know is that two (2) foundations gave two (2) million dollars to a grass root organization for distribution, with a cap of thirty-four (34) thousand dollars per grantee. Just enough to fail. In other words, there has been no accountability.

Perhaps the next move is asking the IRS for a study of foundation and their obligation to the public.

One bit of good news from the comments in these pages is that concerned citizens are planning a campaign of accountability. We wish them well and say good luck!

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