Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Hello world, I have a question for you all this week. Please be honest with your self when answering this question as your truth is where the answer dwells. Understand the emphasis on "Your Truth", as every one has a difference that can only be determined within self thought. Do you know the difference between necessity and desire? Allow this question to be relevant in all areas of your life, be that "self, friends, relationships, family, work, school and more". Now, allow the question to be explored further in the fashion of negative and positive, negative in the sense of selfish gain or positive in the sense of triumph. Do not associate "Necessity or Desire" individually as a negative or a positive, however, think of both together as a personal concept and ask yourself if that personal concept affects your livelihood in a negative or positive fashion.

Now, as you contemplate your answer, think of this, "If one does not pursue their desires, how can we ever discover what are needs are?"  With that being said, understand that human-beings are not perfect, yet what makes our species superior is "Noesis (the power of applied thought)". We can "do" absolutely anything, "create" absolutely anything and "appreciate" absolutely anything!

So, how do you facilitate your life in regards to necessity versus desire? Are you afraid to pursue your desires? Are your desires healthy? Do you posses the necessities that allow your daily activities to be understood as positive? I ask these questions because our behaviors reflect our pursuit of what we desire in life. I admitted to myself a few weeks ago my fear of calamity, leading up to that my behaviors reflected that of a man who manipulated "desire" to enjoy moments of what is necessary to my truth. What I hope you all discover is when you make mistakes while in pursuit of your desires, you have the ability to understand yourself in every area of your life.

You will understand the basis of your financial status, your relationship status, your parental status, and most importantly the difference between "Necessities versus Desires". By doing so, you will be able to correlate the two so that they are not at odds with one another. Of course, if negativity is associated within areas that are unhealthy, you will be able to dismiss ill and detrimental behavior.

I truly believe understanding and challenging your personal opinions on this topic will cure any and all issues in your everyday life. For some it may not be easy or even difficult, however, the pursuit increases the possibility of living a healthier life. I encourage you to try! Take a deep breath and move in a positive direction!

In conclusion I leave you with these words, recently a friend of mine painted this metaphor, "in this economy, the one who can hold their breath the longest will survive". I view that as meaning the person who can limit their indulgence in negative behaviors will bask in the positive gratification of what is necessary to them personally, (Self, Friends, Relationships, Family, Work, School and more)!


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