Sunday, May 24, 2015

Hello world, good or bad, happy or sad, many of us dwell within the decisions of our past. Whether they are as a parent, a spouse, a friend, a leader: those decisions be them spontaneous or well thought out, leads to the comfort or discomfort of tomorrow. What I am hoping to accomplish with this article is the opportunity that provides a more positive future as we make present day choices.

I am asking you to understand this as a means of continuing your good fortune or to obtain good fortune. There is a technique that I use called "Cognitive Conditioning" or "Positive Self Talk". It may seem a bit odd at first, especially if you are not familiar with this type of communication with yourself; do not let that intimidate or discourage you. Remember, this method is truly personal; no one has to know unless you have invited them too. "Positive Self Talk" can be implemented in all areas of your day-to-day life and future wants and needs. All you need to do is create a slogan to use, and then repeat that slogan through out your day.

The words I use are, "Confident--Intelligent--Attractive". For me each word symbolizes a part of me that I wish to evoke at varies times throughout my day or on certain occasions. For example, if I am standing in front of a crowd, with hopes to inspire every person in attendance, I need that assurance that I am "Confident" so as not to be intimidated by the energy given to me by my listeners. The second word, "Intelligent" offers a couple meanings for me, "possessing sound knowledge" and "exercising or showing good judgment". I have simplified both definitions to suit my personal need. The last word within my slogan, "Attractive" means "having the power to arouse interest". All three words combined, repeated mentally before during and after an event, assist me more than I can express. Simply, create an "Affirmation"! And use it!

If you implement your slogan into your every day life, that positive energy creates a greater opportunity for you to accomplish your goals. Thus, that choice leads to an outcome that may benefit you tomorrow. If you use this practice on a regular basis, the likelihood of your future experiences being what you hope for is inevitable. Again, this may seem odd at first, yet as you become comfortable with applying this to your everyday life, soon you will have conditioned yourself in a positive fashion.

Each part of this practice is equally important! Form the words you choose, the order of those words, even the way in which you recite that slogan to yourself. For example, if you state that affirmation with "excitement and vigor", it increases the physical and mental execution of your daily actions that lead to the achievement of your goals. Thus allowing you to obtain the positive presents of self that yesterday's behaviors produced (You are today what your choices were yesterday).

Create your slogan, do not procrastinate, and put yourself in the most positive position possible, by taking control of your present wants and needs. I can openly profess that an optimistic view of this practice will benefit you in all areas of your life. Be it work, family, friends or relationships. Tomorrow's happiness can be created by you today!


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