Saturday, May 30, 2015

Sickle Cell is no stranger among African Americans. Many of our youth and adults have been diagnosed with this painful disease.

The Ladera Heights Chapter of Top Ladies of Distinction Inc. works hard to support the Sickle Cell Foundation.

The Teens are excited to participate in projects in support of Sickle Cell. They work with the Ladies excitingly on all sickle cell projects and programs.

The Ladies are very proud of their vigorous Sickle Cell Chairperson, Lady Ann Lincoln. Lady Lincoln is constantly thinking about the young Sickle Cell patients all through the year. There are Sickle Cell suffers from infancy to adulthood. The Ladies and Teens volunteer at Sickle Cell functions and make financial donations as well.

However, they enjoy remembering the young suffers; not only at Christmas but all year long.  They support the Crescent Moon Project (summer camp), Sickle Cell Christmas Toy Drive, Community Shopping Day at Macy's Del Amo, and the Lip Sync Show presented by the Pasadena/Altadena Cosmetologists and Barbers each year.

It is true that the chapter donated toys and books for Christmas; but Lady Lincoln saw the need to supply toys and books for the young Sickle Cell suffers, throughout the year. Recently, she launched a special toy and book drive and  Ladies and Teens were able to donate many toys and books.

It's amazing how the entire chapter of Ladies and Teens support the Sickle Cell Program. Lady Bennie Beckwith, the Ladera Chapter President, was excited about this special, yet so important project.

She remarked; "Mission Accomplished."


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