Sunday, May 24, 2015

Dermatologist, Psychiatrist Authors of "The Beauty Prescription" Launch Weblog

California-based dermatologist Debra Luftman, MD, and Florida-based psychiatrist Eva Ritvo, MD, have launched a weblog based on their bestselling book "The Beauty Prescription," published by McGraw-Hill. The blog, at, challenges conventional ideas about beauty by focusing not just on lipstick and Botox but on such topics as cultural concepts of beauty, self-esteem, the health/beauty link and how training oneself to "see" more beauty makes one more beautiful.

"The Beauty Prescription," which was published in July 2008, was inspired by the observations of these two physicians and best friends that their patients tended to overlap. Dr. Luftman's patients often had self-esteem or other psychological issues underlying their desire for cosmetic treatments, while those who came to Dr. Ritvo for therapy often had problems linked to their physical appearance. This led the women to develop the theory known as the "Beauty-Brain Loop," in which the four core aspects of beauty-Inner Beauty, Health, Outer Beauty and Environment-activate and reinforce one another.

"In the book and our blog, we didn't just want to talk about eyeliner, hair care products and cosmetic fillers," says Dr. Luftman, who teaches at UCLA in addition to maintaining her private practice and marketing her Therapeutix skincare line. "There are many authors and bloggers who already talk about those subjects. We wanted to bring a deeper perspective to the subject of beauty from our perspective not only as doctors but as women and as best friends who are dealing with the ups and downs of life."

"To us, beauty is not just about the surface and the signals that evolution has programmed our brains to respond to," says Dr. Ritvo, who is Associate Professor and Vice Chairman at the Miller School of Medicine, University of Miami, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and the Chair of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine, Mount Sinai Medical Center. "It's a holistic aspect of your entire being, from the optimism with which you view the world, to your intellect, to the physical environment you create around you. Beauty is both hard-wired and evolving every day, and we want to help women see the truth of that."

The Beauty Prescription Blog has been publishing since October and can be found at For further information about "The Beauty Prescription" and its authors, visit or contact Charlotte Tomic, PR Consultant, 917-882-5243.

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