Thursday, May 28, 2015

Cariss McGhee (left) and Danny Tabor (right)

Election Day in Inglewood
The results of last Tuesday's elections in the city of Inglewood did not render any major surprises of upsets.

Inglewood held its elections on Tuesday and at press time, there were no major surprises and the results bore no big upsets. The races were local and as expected, there were no any massive voter turnout. The seats up for grabs were three for the school board and two for the city council.

All of the races except one appeared to heading for runoffs. According to the municipal election summary report at midnight on Tuesday, only Councilwoman Judy Dunlap, the District two incumbent, scored a decisive victory over her nearest challenger, Austin Williams, by receiving over 50 percent of the votes; thus avoiding a runoff.

In council district one, even though the incumbent, Councilman Daniel "Danny" Tabor, soared ahead of his closest challenger, he was unable to garner over 50 percent of the votes. As a result, he will be facing George Dotson, the challenger, in a runoff.

There were no clear-cut winners in any of the school board races. For seat number one, the runoff will be between Arnold Butler, the incumbent and challenger Joyce Randall. For Seat number two, it will be between Trina Williams against Carliss R. McGhee. And for seat number three, Renee Dorn will be facing Alena Giardina.

Sources told the Sentinel that there were still some provisional ballots to be counted that may change Tuesday night's results.

But if the figures are spreaded proportionally among the candidates, then a pending schedule for the aforementioned runoffs will remain intact. 

Some election observers said they expected a much larger turnout because many residents have voiced their frustration openly with the operation of the school district and the rash of recent police shootings. The school district has been rudder-less, without a superintendent and many believe that the quality of education has deteriorated. As a result Inglewood school children have suffered drastically and have been denied the privilege of a proper education. The residents feel that many of the problems of the school district are a consequence of the lack of leadership and it trickles down to the rank-and-file.
he police department are abound with investigations from within and the outside including the district attorney, the state attorney general and most recently, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, in whose district Inglewood is, wrote a letter to the U. S. Attorney General, Eric Holder, requesting an investigation of the Inglewood Police Department. Many believe that lack of training is the root cause of it all, coupled with the inability to attract quality officers from within the city. Many of the officers who work in the Inglewood Police Department do not live in the city of Inglewood, and that is a major concern.


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