Wednesday, May 27, 2015
In a salute to our the 44th President of the United States here is a list of President Barack H. Obama's favorites

Favorite Films

1.) Godfather Part I

2.) Godfather Part II

3.) "Lawrence of Arabia."

Favorite Actors

1.) Jimmy Stewart

2.) Spencer Tracy

3.) Humphrey Bogart

4.) Meryl Streep

5.) Susan Sarandon

6.) Angela Bassett

Obama's pick to play him in a movie

Actor Will Smith is Obama's pick to play him if a movie is made about his life, something the two have discussed.  "Will and I have talked about this because he has the ears!" the President in an interview that aired last year.

Barack Obama's favorite food

1.) Chili is Barack Obama's favorite food to cook2.) According to Obama's daughters he doesn't like sweets so much, he does however like pumpkin pie.3.) Obama stated in a 2008 interview that his favorite food is from Italian fiesta Pizzeria in Hyde Park, Chicago.  They specialize in pizza and provide only carry out and delivery services. 

Obama's favorite songs

1. Ready or Not Fugees (1996)

2. What's Going On Marvin Gaye (1971

3. I'm On Fire Bruce Springsteen (1985)

4. Gimme Shelter Rolling Stones (1969)

5. Sinnerman Nina Simone (1965)

6. Touch the Sky Kanye West (2006)

7. You'd Be So Easy to Love Frank Sinatra (rec. 1961)

8.  Think Aretha Franklin (1968)

9. City of Blinding Lights U2 (2004)10. Yes We Can (2008)

Favorite Books

1.) Song of Solomon (Toni Morrison)

2.) Moby Dick

3.) Shakespeare's Tragedies

4.) Parting the Waters

5.) Gilead (Robinson)

6.) Self-Reliance (Emerson)

7.) The Bible

8.) Lilcolns Collected Writings

Favorite TV Show

1,) SportsCenter

Favorite Quote featured on Presidents Barack Obama's Face book profile.

”The Arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice." MLK

Favorite Artist

1.) Miles Davis

 2.) John Coltrane

3.) Bob Dylan

4.) Stevie Wonder

5.) John Sebastian Bach (cello suites)

6.) The Fugees

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