Monday, May 25, 2015

Hello world. Christmas has passed us again so on to the next occasion, New Years! My question this week is not complex as I tend to make things harder than they really are. What will your resolutions be? Of course ones health comes into account, for example; stop smoking, chewing tobacco, consuming large amounts of caffeine and alcohol on a daily basis. Many of us are going to obtain gym memberships at a reduced rate. This is very-much the norm. My proposal is to think out side the box and ask your self some heartfelt questions! For example; on this day next year, will I have allowed myself a greater since of peace? How do I obtain acceptance in regards to judgment of self and others.

While I sit here in my home office with my metronome controlling the pace of my thoughts, I can not help but to imagine the positive opportunities for all of us in 2009. Even though the world's economic status is approaching staggering lows and our country is at war, I remind myself to remain confident. So, my resolutions will bring me peace and happiness as I believe yours will as well.

I hope the poem listed below enlightens your views on Resolutions and encourages you to write your own!


What is a resolution?

Different to me then what the world sees

Different to you then my point of view

Hidden in words are secrets to puzzles with no shape

Should I write about love or dwell within hate

A resolution to me is truly liberating

Its cost is not monetary, just the price of thought

You determine the fee

I believe resolutions are free

Exploring my mind and resting in areas that are sublime

Until I open my third eye and write

As the resolution move across my tongue

My mood changes as we are one

I am my thoughts

I am the ink that adorns the lines which guides my path

The discipline to remain focused leaving an emotional draft

So as to celebrate resolutions as I discover the next word within me

What is a resolution?

The truest extension of ones own belief

I am a resolution discovering me

Different from what you may see

Yet the truest most significant portion of thought that extends from the core of me

I live so as to resolve the issues around me, I am what?

A resolution and the resolution is always within thee.


So what will your new year's resolution(s) be?


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