Monday, May 25, 2015

Newly elected New Frontier Democratic Club President Ingrid Hutt is "honored," she said, to take on the new position.

"We've had presidents like Julian Dixon, Assemblymember Mike Davis, Carolyn Fowler, Bobbie Jean Anderson, Reggie Jones Sawyer and Barbara Beaudreau. There's a strong history of political activism here."

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Hutt began attending the club meetings at age nine. Early lessons on what it meant to get people mobilized and into action in their communities stuck with her.

"It was the age of [first black L.A. Mayor] Tom Bradley, Dave Cunningham, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Gwen Green and Gwen Moore... it was my mother, Jackie Hickman and Brenda Marsh Mitchell. Watching them make people politically conscious [inspired me]," she said.

Hutt's biggest plans include stimulating club membership, "bringing the age group of 25 to 50 back into the fold" and increasing their fundraising efforts.

"NFDC is going to be very active. We have a mayor's race coming up (2009). There's also going to be a race for the 26th Senate Seat and Barbara Boxer's seat is coming up," she said.

A few African American leaders in Los Angeles whose concern was to provide the community with a political vehicle for involvement in the presidential campaign of John F. Kennedy founded the club in 1960. Today, their goals remain the same: fostering active participation by the community citizenry in politics and electing qualified Democratic candidates to public office; building a strong political organization that is receptive, reputable and responsive to the needs of the community; encouraging full participation by the community in the political process and providing education and guidance in the use of this process; promoting the growth and effectiveness of the Democratic Party; and, identifying, training, developing and supporting potential candidates for public office.

New Frontier Democratic Club is the largest and oldest Democratic Club in the State of California.



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