Sunday, May 3, 2015

Councilman Bernard Parks and Dr. Marvis Davis
Councilman Bernard Parks and Dr. Marvis Davis (far right) at news conference.


The Baptist Ministers Conference of Los Angeles and Vicinity led by President Marvis Davis joined with Councilman Bernard Parks on March 26 to express their dismay over the recent killing of Florida youth Trayon Martin.

During a news conference at McCoy Memorial Baptist Church, the Rev. Dr. Davis, Councilman Parks, and Conference members joined in prayer for the Trayvon Martin Task Force created by Florida Governor Rick Scott to investigate the shooting.

Scores of local clergy supported the conference including the Rev. Dr. L.A. Kesee, the Rev. Dr. J. Benjamin Hardwick, the Rev. Dr. Robert DeFrance, Bishop Miquail Broadous, the Rev. E. Wayne Gaddis, the Rev. E. Winford Bail, the Rev. Frederick Howard, the Rev. George Hurtt, the Rev. Mark Whitlock, the Rev. Quincy Fielding, the Rev. K.W. Tulloss and the Rev. Eric Lee of the Greater LA Southern Christian Leadership Conference.


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